Young Voice Adriana Is Going To Make You Melt

My young voice will make you crazy, that is a fact. I know I might be bragging but once you listen to it, you’ll be immediately hard. All the calls start out the same. I’ll ask you what you want to talk about. Don’t leave it up to me because I will always choose to be a sweet little teen hungry for your cock. Unless you are into that. Which I am all for it. LOL.

After we’ve figured out what you might be into. That is when the real fun starts. Remember though, there’s not limits when you call this sweet young voice slut. I love it all. I would always start teasing you. Describing everything. The little skirt I am most likely wearing. The cute pink panties that are underneath it. How wet my pussy gets when I feel your hard cock pressing under me. All before I even pull it out. Because when you pull out that yummy cock of yours for me to feast on, I want it to be wet with your precum. After that, it’s all about me taking it deep in my throat.

Listen to me moan as you fuck me hard. Listen to my sweet voice tell you the nastiest things you’ve always want it to hear. The things you crave and that your wife or girlfriend doesn’t give you. I am your Latina slut and will make any one of your fantasies extra hot. I am ready for you to use all my holes while I whisper dirty things into your ear. Oh, and when you are ready to cum. Papi, I will make sure to take that load any where you want to, and you better believe I will be begging for it.

Young Voice Phone Sex


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