Erika had no idea how kinky summer camp could be!

Erika was the youngest girl in her cabin at Camp Hearn. She was only twelve, but the girls kept trying to urge her to hook up with one of the boys like they all had. Erika was an innocent young virgin, so this idea seemed crazy at first… until the newest camp counselor, Matt showed up for his first day.

All the girls were immediately smitten. Matt was in his 20’s, tall, tan, and muscular. Whenever he would sunbathe, all the young girls would find excuses to go near him or offer to get him drinks or towels or whatever. Erika flirted along with all the other girls, but Matt paid particularly close attention to her over the other girls.

One night, Erika woke up to a tapping on her window. It was from Matt. He pressed his finger to his lips telling her to be quiet but also motioning for her to come outside. Erika followed. She snuck out of the cabin wearing a thin nightgown with nothing underneath. What could he be doing here? She was so excited but she had no idea what a fun night she was in for!

Matt greeted her outside, took her by the hand and silently guided her through the woods to an open clearing. There were large logs set up around a fire pit and sleeping bags all around, but nobody was there. “Where are we?” Erika whispered.

“Some of the counselors hang out here after hours. They’re all down by the lake tonight though. Want a beer?” He pulled a can from a cooler near one of the logs. Erika took the beer and sat down on the log with him. They sat there drinking in silence for a few moments.


The more she drank, the lower her inhibitions became…


“You’re not like the other girls.” He said, finally. “You seem so special.” Erika started blushing and drank faster. She didn’t like the taste, but she didn’t know what else to do. Matt opened another beer for her. He scooted closer to her, rubbing his hand up the side of her thigh. Erika got nervous and drank faster. Pretty soon, she was a little loopy.

Matt leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She turned bright red and kind of bowed her head, giggling. Matt placed his hand on her face and guided her to him. He kissed her softly on her lips. Erika smiled and kissed him back. He took this opportunity to slide his hand down her neck, past her barely-there breasts, and squeezed her waist so she came closer.

Erika turned to face him, Matt lifted her leg up so she was straddling the log facing him. Erika quickly pulled her nightgown down a little because she wasn’t wearing any panties. Matt stopped her. “It’s okay,” he said and he lifted it higher. His eyes grew wide at the sight of Erika’s perfect, young virgin pussy. “Here, I’ll make it even.” He stood up and took his pants off, sitting back down in his boxers with a huge bulge.

He slid his dick out and placed Erika’s hand on him. She gasped a little. “Have you ever touched one of these?” Matt asked. Erika blushed and shook her head. “Don’t be scared. Get a closer look.” And he pulled her forward so that her face was right next to his dick.

“Bethany said last summer she put Jimmy Pescadino’s wiener in her mouth,” Erika said, looking closely at the throbbing cock in her small hand.

“Do you wanna try that?” he smiled.


Who wouldn’t love to play with a tight young virgin?


Erika didn’t answer, but instead took the tip of Matt’s dick into her mouth. He placed his hand on her head and guided her down, taking more and more of his cock into her young mouth. Matt guided her inexperienced hands up and down his shaft while she sucked. “This feels so good, baby. Have you ever felt good like this?” Erika lifted her head and shook it no again.

Matt smiled and lightly pushed her onto her back. “Take your nightgown off.” He instructed. Erika did. Laying there on the log, with her skinny legs spread open, completely naked with her tiny little tit buds exposed, Erika looked back at Matt.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“I’m going to make you feel good, sweetie,” Matt said and he started running his fingers all over her tight, young virgin body.

Part Two coming soon…

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