I had just gotten out of high school and wanted to keep pursuing my young teen model career. I told my parents that I no longer wanted them to come to my interviews and that was a hassle! After three months they finally agreed to let me be more of an adult. I was so excited yet nervous all at the same time! I had a good clue from all my past interviews of what would happen. Bucking up enough courage I knew I would do anything to get the gig.

Now, what was I going to wear to impress them?

Deciding to wear this cute little sundress and wedge heels to my interview had me feeling confident. As a young teen model, it’s always my job to look good. I got to my interview a few minutes early so I sat in their waiting room as my nerves began to build. they called me back into a room, and there sat 2 guys at a table. Telling me to have a seat on a black leather couch as they introduced themselves to me.

We ran through the list of questions they had for me and then the photographer said he had one more. “What are you willing to do to get this gig?” He asked. “Well, I guess I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I want to prove I can do this!” I answered him. His next question is what completely threw me off. “So you would be willing to be our captive breeding whore for the day?”

This young teen model pussy clenched at the thought of being bred!

Nodding my head yes was the only answer I could muster for them. Getting up and walking over to me, they both sat on either side of me. I felt their hands start to rub and tease my young teen model body. Taking my dress off my shoulders so they could squeeze my tits and nipples. Grabbing my hand one of them placed it on their hard cock to stroke them. This pussy was getting so wet already!

Stroking both of their cocks as they sucked on my nipples and fingered my pussy had me feeling so damn sexy.  I am ready to be fucked and filled by them. And my juices were dripping down my thighs! Leaning down I sucked on the assistant photographer’s cock while the photographer got behind me and started teasing me with his cock. Hotter than any tight teen phone sex I’ve ever had! Next thing I knew his cock was slamming into my tight pussy.

He was fucking me hard and fast, making me gag on the cock in my mouth. Making me feel like a good little slut for taking their cocks. They fucked me for hours and hours. I really was their captive breeding whore and this young teen model was loving it! Fucking and filling me with their cum in every single one of my tight holes. Honestly, this was the best interview of my life.