I grew up in a family that didn’t talk much, at least not about topics that might be deemed “uncomfortable”.  As a result, I had to figure out a lot of the birds and the bees stuff on my own, and that made me a strange mixture of naive and very curious.   When I was 13 or 14 I spent several nights a week at my best friend Linda’s house.  We were very close, but I was also intrigued by her parents.  Unlike my parents, not only did they sleep in the same room, but they actually seemed to like each other.   Like many children, I’d assumed figures of authority were chased, sexless.  The idea of horny parents was gross, right?  But when Linda’s dad kissed his wife, or grab her leg under the table at dinner, I felt my panties dampen.

As time, passed I got more and more curious.  In the middle of the night, I would sneak out of Linda’s room with my ear pressed against her parents’ door, listening to the primal sounds of moaning and skin slapping together.  One night, I needed more than just sounds.  I carefully opened the door just enough to peer in.  I saw Linda’s mom on all fours.  Her large, round tits swung violently as her slammed himself into her again and again.  They made me self conscious of the orange-sized mounds sprouting from my own chest.  He back was arched, and her whole body seemed to want more of him as he drilled her mercilessly.

I started to feel an ache, almost a throbbing between my legs.  I didn’t know what this meant, but a subconscious force was telling me that I need to touch that spot to alleviate my ache.  I hitched up my nightgown, stuck my hand in my panties and started to rub that throbbing spot.  I had never felt anything like this before.  It was like warm liquid was sloshing through my whole body and an electric current was buzzing in my brain.  In my own ecstasy,  I didn’t notice that the door had swung wider, because at some point, I noticed Linda’s dad was starting right at me over his shoulder as he continued to shove himself into his moaning, bucking wife.   I looked straight back at him as my pounding clit begged for more. As he came with a forceful grunt, I had my first orgasm.   I felt every molecule of my being spasm and then melt.  Then, I closed the door and snuck back into bed.  I felt dizzy, alive and full of ideas.  That was the night I taught myself to masturbate.

Want more sexy stories from my young years? Would you like to pretend your my best friends daddy and I’m a naughty spy?  Call me!