Young sex stories are something that I have always really enjoyed! I have always been such a promiscuous little shit. Whenever my mom would go out at night I would always find myself digging through her bedroom drawers. However, after a while that became a little bit boring for me. Very soon I started exploring further around winding up in her closet. One day I became trapped inside unable to get out after she came home early with a man. Now at that point I really wasn’t too into boys, however watching the two of them tangle with their clothes on gave me some bit of excitement.

Young Sex Stories About How I Began Stealing My Mom’s Boyfriends Pt.1

I watched, as they begin to strip clothes from each-other and engage in foreplay. It was incredibly arousing, and her boyfriend had a huge cock. I found myself turned on in a way that I had never experienced before. My finger’s explored down my tight little frame and began to rub around the outside of my white cotton panties. I was simply hiding in her closet masturbating while she fucked this new man. This went on for a while. Than, I became bored with just watching mommy fuck new boys well I played in her closet.

Oh The Bad Thing I Am About To Do!

Finally one of her boyfriends showed up at the house looking for her, when she was out. Now I thought for a second to text my mother and tell her that her thing of the night was ready to play. However, instead I decided that I would just take this toy to play with myself. I brought him into the house and told him him my Mother would be around soon.(even though it was a lie) I had myself a nice devious little plan and I could not wait to put it into motion.


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