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I could tell he was really trying to contain his arousal.

So I grabbed his hands and I put them on my thighs and I gave him a menacing grin. I was going to take control of my mother’s boyfriend and steal him from her. I moaned and moved my butt in circles slowly as his boner began to stiffen under me. It was no time at all before his face was buried in my beautiful black tits and I was straddling his stiff hard cock with his pants down to his ankles. It was almost magical how fast it happened.

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I began to fuck him. He was as good as a ride for me as he was for my mother, no surprise really. However, as my mother opened the door and slammed her keys on to the table watching her daughter fuck her new boyfriend, he came inside of me. I would have to say that she was quite disappointed in me, and he was never to be seen from again. Mommy didn’t invite her boyfriend’s back-to the house after that, she became completely enraged and jealous that anyone could choose this sexy ebony queen over her!

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