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I have always loved young sex stories, and I have never been shy about my sexual needs or wants. In fact, I started playing with my little pussy at the innocent age of twelve. I would roam the internet reading countless young sex stories, so It didn’t take long until I became fascinated by stretching out my tight teen pussy! Anything I could get my hands on ended up being a new toy to play with, but there is one item that was my favorite.

While snooping around a bit in my mother’s bedroom I came across her own special drawer. Inside was a collection I would soon be exploring and I couldn’t wait. There was one that made me wet just by looking at it- a big beautiful purple dildo. This thing was huge, and I had only ever had smaller things like a hairbrush handle inside me.

Needless to say, I could feel my pussy start to ache with anticipation. I grabbed the dildo and snuck to my room locking the door behind me. My nipples were hard and pushing against my shirt- every movement seemed to excite me more. I was dripping wet and could feel my panties were soaked through. I started sucking on the head while I slowly slipped out of my panties. Dragging the wet tip down my neck, over my nipple, and down my stomach. I let out a small moan as it ran down my little slit.

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So desperate was I  to get this huge cock inside me, but I had to be patient as I tried to fit it inside. I could feel my pussy spreading as I slid it further in, stretching me out deeper than I thought I could go. I could feel my cheeks burning as I whimpered and moaned, taking more and more of this toy. Soon I felt an insanely erotic pop and was immediately shaking and screaming as I came all over my mother’s dildo.

Panting and laying there for a long while. I suddenly heard a car in the driveway and sprung up. I ran to my mother’s room, tucked my new favorite toy back into the drawer and slipped out before anyone noticed. The thought of her using that dildo covered in my cum still gets me wet.

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