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Young sex stories, Extreme age play cum roleplay with me! Mommy told me not to talk to strangers. I always break mommies rules she says that I am a bad girl sometimes. I know she will be mad when she finds out what I did with the neighbor at the end of the block. So the other day I was walking with my friends when Mr.biggs called me over to his house. All the girls I was hanging with ran off to play while I went to talk to Mr.Biggs. He invited me in and offered me a drink, being only 10 yrs old I thought that he meant a soda. When he came back he handed me a very strong drink of something that tasted like what I imagined gasoline tasted like. After I finished the tall drink I started to feel a little funny.

Mr.Biggs took my hand and put it over his penis and made me rub it. He was making funny noises like my mom makes when she is eating a yummy piece of cake and she is really enjoying it. I was not sure how to tell him I’m not supposed to touch boys like that. I gave him my innocent and timid voice as I tell him that good little girls don’t touch boys there but… All he did was tell me that its ok no one has to know. That’s when Mr.Biggs took advantage of me.

Young sex stories, Extreme age play! Cum roleplay with me!

I felt the weight of his body pressed against my small weak body. He ripped my clothes off all the way down to my cotton panties. Mr.Biggs started to rub my no-no spot, I told him to stop but that only made him want more. He pushed my panties to the side and took his throbbing hard boy member and ripped me open. The force of his penis being pushed into me hurt and made me cry out. The more I struggled the harder he pushed himself in and out of me. It felt like forever that he was on top of me until he left me dripping with this wet white stuff.

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