Young Sex Stories: I reached over and I spread open her young pussy lips to fully expose her clit

Young Sex Stories: I had a conversation with my thirteen year old daughter the other night. She had some questions to ask me about masturbation. She seemed a little embarrassed and I gathered she’d been trying it, I asked her if she’d like to try one of my silver bullet vibrators. I got one of my favorite toys from my room and gave it to her, I said why not try it now as I could help her. Hesitantly she pulled up her nightie and placed it between her legs and began to move it around a bit.

I reached over, spread open her little pussy lips to fully expose her clit. I  put it right on her little clit and she moaned. She was getting wet, so I dipped the silver bullet into her wetness dripping from her little cunt and pulled the juices back up over her clit.  She loved it. Once she came I took the wet bullet and rubbed it on my clit as she watched.

She said she’d never put anything inside her pussy and was curious about it. I would show her how good a vibrating dildo could feel. I plunged it in and out of my wet pussy as she watched, she had started to play with herself with her fingers. After I came and then took the dildo and gently eased it into her tight preteen pussy and she said she liked the sensation it gave her. We both came a couple of more times and then went to sleep. Do you enjoy age play phone sex? I have lots of other adventures as well if you’d like to hear about them.

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