Young sex stories: the night I lost my virginity.

If I dig back into my young sex stories archive, I can still remember my first time. It was with another girl. And we were both pretty drunk. Ready for a true lesbian phone sex story from my real life?

It started when she invited me over to one of her guy friend’s houses. He was rich and his parents were out of town for the weekend. The three of us were drinking vodka red bulls in his giant hot tub.

The girl who’d invited me over and had been trying to seduce me all summer, Danni, leaned over to kiss me about three cocktails in. We started making out, totally forgetting the guy whose hot tub we were soaking in was there. Funny how alcohol gives you that special kind of tunnel vision.

Eventually Danni spotted him staring out of the corner of her drunken eye and gave him the signal that we needed some “girl time.” He was kind of her bitch boy, always doing her bidding, so the nature of their relationship left him no qualms about making a quick exit.

He pointed to our neatly folded towels, winked at Danni and headed inside.

I can’t remember much more of our hot tub fooling around, but I do remember things got really hot and heavy once we made our way up to the guest room. Danni and I stumbled into the bed, a mess of wet, naked, groping arms and legs. Her fingers soon found their way inside my teenage, virgin pussy.

My first orgasm is a little bit of a blur, but I do remember the feeling of her soft lips all over my clit and inside me in that dimly lit room. Suddenly she held up the monster-sized red dildo she (seemingly in jest) brandished at me and her boy toy earlier.

“Use this. I need you to use this on me.”

Not only was I losing my virginity that night, I was getting an (again, VERY drunk) crash course in wielding the biggest dildo I’d ever seen. I guess I did okay, because that was definitely not the last time Danni and I had sex.

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