The naughty young neighbor that turns the tables on the older guy..

The young neighbor is usually the one being flirted with all the time.. Always the sweet little tease that’s just out of range for all the older men to get their hands on. Unfortunately.. sometimes their dad likes to throw cookouts, and ends up inviting the whole neighborhood to come grab a meal! And what happens then? Well.. maybe that little vixen has a few tricks up her sleeve. Sometimes, the sweet young neighbor that’s so the one making the moves. Just like me.

I made sure to grab his attention as soon as I could.. He was downstairs talking with all the other guys, cracking jokes, whatever. But I made sure the little white string on my bikini was peeking out of my black tank top, and that he could see every bit of curve that I was showing off.. Before long, he could hardly focus on all the chitter chatter, and he found the first excuse to go upstairs to the bathroom. Or, better yet, to the hallway where I could pull him away from everybody else. He’d just moved in lately and his house overlooked our backyard..which meant I’d done my homework and really done some teasing in my bikinis. Always putting on a new one every weekend and making sure to lay around and get some sun. And of course, he was eating it right up. But what he might not have known is that my window had a view of his bedroom, so I got to turn the tables on him!

That little tidbit really got him surprised.. I mean, I was so young and he knew he shouldn’t do anything about how he felt for me.. but I’d already seen him teetering on the line, so I crossed it for him. Now he was my little boy toy..and what my daddy didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him!

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali