Charles has been working out and now I want his young hard body. 

My daughter and her new boyfriend, Charles, seem to be getting along just great. They spend an awful lot of time together. It seems he is over at our house any chance he gets. I don’t really mind either. Honestly, I love checking out his young hard body. He must be working out lately trying to impress my daughter because his biceps are practically bulging out of his shirts. I appreciate his efforts to keep her happy and make sure she doesn’t stray.

Little does he know, he’s started keeping my interest too. I can’t help but fantasize about seducing my daughter’s boyfriend, yet again. The first time, I only wanted to make sure he knew what he was doing to please my daughter for the first time and to teach him a thing or two. Now, I just crave a hot and wild fuck session with his young hard body just for the fun of it. I know he must have a six-pack under that shirt by now and I can’t stop fantasizing about licking his new hot body all over. 

Caught in the Act 

I often catch the two love birds making out on the couch. It’s more like spying, if I’m being honest. Charles always has his hands all over her. Groping hungrily all over her young tight body. From her perky tits to her inner thighs. He tries to rub her pussy over her short shorts but she moves his hand away afraid they would get caught. She’s always trying to slow him down but his thirst for more is never quenched. I would never stop him from touching me whenever or wherever he wanted. I started to realize that Charles and I would be a great match. He could take some of his young endless energy out on me and I would get my daily pounding in. 

I Want it, so I’ll have it. 

That’s the kind of young stud this sexy MILF needs, one whose desire is never-ending. Especially one with a young hard body like his, this mama wants to share in some of that fun too. My daughter has more than she can handle from him. I’m sure she can’t keep up and Charles is always left wanting more. She can keep him as her boyfriend but I want to break off a piece of that young hard body every now and then. I decided to remind him of our first fuck session so he’ll keep coming to me for more. I’m sure he thought our first time was just for educational reasons and would never happen again. Tonight, I’m going to let him know this can be a regular thing. 

Listening to them Fuck 

I knew he would come over this weekend like he usually did. They are usually in her room most of the time probably fucking each other’s brains out before coming down for dinner like two innocent kids. Out of curiosity, I went to the door to listen and to make sure he was satisfying her the way he should. I could hear her moaning with pleasure and him out of breath pounding away at her. The bed creaking faster and faster, their moaning and panting becoming quicker and quicker. I continued to stand there listening, I couldn’t help but get turned on. 

Imagining their young hot sweaty bodies, writhing against each other, I couldn’t help but touch myself. Slowly, I caressed my hand up my inner thigh, up my skirt then to my already wet pussy. I moved my silky pink panties to the side and started rubbing my pulsing clit. I rubbed my clit in time with the rhythm of the moaning. As it got more and more intense inside the bedroom, I switched to finger-fucking my pussy. As they got closer and closer to the climax, so did I. I was panting along with them, I could tell they were both so close. We all let out a final moan of pleasure and came at the same time. Now, I really couldn’t wait to feel Charles’ young hot body writhing against mine.

Look out for part 2 next time, where I tell you how I go about seducing Charles yet again without my daughter having any clue. 


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