Let’s face it, I’m a horny cougar, and I love young hard bodies.

My son has buddies in the house all the time. They spend the night or crash on the couch for a weekend, sometimes longer. It has always been fine with me because I enjoy eye candy and love the company. Just last year, he invited two of his friends to stay at our home during Spring Break. Blake and Paul fit the bill nicely with their young hard bodies. I could tell they both had young hard cocks too, but boy was I in for a BIG surprise.

One morning, I was running late for a meeting.

I didn’t think anyone would be awake. So, I ran downstairs wearing nothing but my silky red panties. I put a pot of coffee on and headed back up to my bedroom to finish getting dressed. Then something caught my eye. I stopped in my tracks! Blake and Paul were out by the pool looking good with their young hard bodies. I didn’t let them see me as I sprinted up the stairs. Throwing on my most revealing bikini, I ran full speed back down to the door leading out to the pool.

I crept up to the sliding glass door and peaked out.

But, to my disappointment, the two were already gone. I was hoping to join those two young hard bodies in the swimming pool. Glancing around the living room and kitchen, I wondered where they had gone. I walked quickly towards the bedroom that they were sharing and tiptoed up to the door. It was slightly ajar; I could hear them whispering about sex. Then I heard Blake say, “I wonder what it would be like to fuck Josh’s mom.”

Josh’s mom? That’s me! I’m Josh’s mom!

Were these two young hard bodies talking about fucking this hot southern cougar? I hesitated, knowing that I should give them their privacy and just head to my meeting like a good girl. But, after all, they had left the door cracked, hadn’t they? I could have walked by and overheard them, right?

I pushed the door open and it creaked.

They both looked up with beet-red faces and just stared at me. I had completely forgotten I was in my bikini. They were still in their swim trunks and were drying off from being in the pool. Of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off those two young hard bodies. Finally, Paul broke the silence, “Wow, Miss Lane, that sure is a sexy bikini!” I smiled and thanked him. I opened my mouth, and this fell out, “So, I couldn’t help but overhear y’all talking about getting in my panties.”

Their faces beamed bright red again.

“Well yeah, I think most guys our age dream about being with a mature lady like you, Miss Lane,” Blake announced with the biggest grin on his face. I smiled back at him, and before I could stop myself, I blurted out, “Well, here’s your chance!” I couldn’t believe my eyes when they both stood up and dropped their bottoms to the floor. Those young hard bodies possessed the biggest cocks I had seen in a while, and I didn’t hold back. I showed those two what hot phone sex models were all about and how a mature MILF can take a double dicking and still walk the next day.

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