Naughty young girl impregnation makes for perfect taboo fun at any time of the day. Growing up my house was always the party house. At a young age, I would tease Daddy by flirting with his friends.  I remember, when I was younger, daddy’s friends would come over for game night. They were such easy targets for young girl impregnation.   I remember them drinking and laughing  – playing beer pong. Men could get so loud sometimes.   But as soon as I walked into the eye view.  The room would totally go silent.  

Trust me – I knew what I was doing.  

Furthermore practicing for the ultimate tease attack in the hopes of getting some cock and cum.  Most of all young girl impregnation, as they filled my pussy with cum. Short little tight skirt, thong panties, and a little white tank top, to show of my perky lil nipples. The perfect treat for any horny man.  Most of these men weren’t getting any sex at home.  Furthermore, I think men have a serious need to feel appreciated and still feel they are attractive to the opposite sex. Especially a hot young vixen like myself.

Mr. Martin was one sexy older man I took as my first target.  He was one of my father’s friend for years and I’ve been babysitting his children since I was 13 years old.  For the most part, I could tell he wanted me in the worst way. In short, his eyes roamed my body up and down like a hungry tiger!!! 

I could feel him undressing me with his eyes as if was tasting me.   The feelings were mutual. I wanted to give him a taste of my erotic delight.   He was always so curious about impregnating me!  On the other hand, I would seem so innocent and switch to a lioness on the prowl.   I have to admit – It’s all a game.   I wanted to lure him into my kinky world. 

This was an easy task.  He only dreamed about fucking a naughty young girl like me.

I lured Mr. Martin into the back bar room.  He followed me like a little lost puppy that needed a master.   Licking my lips, as I closed the door behind me. It was only seconds before his hands were all over my young hard body.  I didn’t hesitate for a second. My hands roamed right to his already hard cock. Rubbing it through his jeans – feeling his throbbing hard cock pounding through the seams.   Without hesitation, like an eager schoolboy,  he couldn’t wait to taste my young wet beaver.   Slowly lifting me up on the washing machine – Slipping my tee-shirt over my head exposing my perky little tits.
He then made his way down, pulling off my little skirt and panties.  He was very hungry and couldn’t resist the temptations of my bald pussy.   Diving deep and burying his face in my honey pot.   That’s one thing about older men.  They are very good little pleasers.   I started face fucking him with my pussy.  Pushing his face deeper and deeper into my oh so wet snatch. Certainly, the licking of my clit to my little brown eye felt incredible.  Almost not missing one area.  
God, I couldn’t help myself. He fucked me with his tongue deeper and harder.  I wrapped my legs around his head so tight.   I let out the most pleasurable moan, as I creamed all over his face.  

Mr. Martin knew he completed the job to my satisfaction, as he lapped up every drop of my honey.  

Furthermore, it seemed at the moment to satisfy him.  I think he realized, he wouldn’t last more than a minute fucking my tight young pussy.  All he wanted was a taste.   A taste of honey,  that would linger on his tongue for days.  The taste of my young pussy and to feel appreciated.  I guess he realized he still had what it took to drive a young girl crazy.   As a result, I giggled and handed him my pretty little pink panties and said: “Here’s an IOU cash it in anytime.”
Certainly, that didn’t last long. Cause later that night, he cashed in on that IOU for round two!  This time he fulfilled his hot young girl impregnation fantasy.  Furthermore, I knew I completed all his kinky taboo desires. Wanna know the details?  Call me – I’ll make you cum like a schoolboy – his first time out of the stable. Ready to be my stud and impregnate me?

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