Young Family Fuck Fun – Auntie Envy Seduces and Fucks Her Nephew

Because it is Tis the season to be jolly, I celebrated Happy Holidays with a young family fuck fun time Merry Christmas from a real ageplay phone sex Ho Ho Ho. That only leads me to believe that the best season greetings are a young family fuck session that makes these times memorable. Everyone cums together for the holidays. Families that play together stay together. I love seeing everyone.  Yes, I know I am on Santa’s Naughty list. Thinking about those young tight bodies steals my thoughts daily.

After all, being the black sheep of the family, the outcast, the misfit and slut is not an easy role to fill. With Milfs like me, breaking rules comes naturally. I am the one all the men love and all the woman love to hate. My sister is always uptight. My niece and nephew love spending time with their inappropriate Aunt Envy.

I have a dirty confession. It all started with my sister asking me to come to watch my niece and nephew. Wanting to be ready in a hurry, I was rushing. Her house is the kool-aide house. You would think she would be grateful for me rushing over on such short notice. Yelling commenced the moment I entered the door.

Young Family Fuck Attire

Did you have to wear that top, for god sakes you did not even put on a bra and it is see through? Your nipples are rock hard from the cold. Now you know we are late and I do not have time for this, please go upstairs and find something of mine before you say hello to the kids. Why do you always have to dress like a slut.” My sister preached to me. UGH!

Now She has always been such a prude. Her behavior has gotten worse. Most importantly I ran over to help her on short notice and she is so ungrateful. Why is it always about her? Besides, I can not help but notice my nephew. He has gotten so big and built. I can see the bulge in his pants. Dreaming about a young family fuck session is something I can not resist. He looks just like his Dad, and YES I fucked him. It really is her own fault, my sister is so uptight, every man needs a good blow job and some anal. She always thinks she’s the boss. I would love to see the look on her face if she found out I taught her daughter, my niece how to suck a cock. Young Family Fuck Fun is my favorite.

Young Family Fuck Fun With My Niece and Nephew

So she is going to be running late. I am in charge of finding something for us to do. After putting my niece to bed, I contemplated what that would be. How can I seduce my hot nephew? I have seen him starring and sneaking peeks. As I went up to his room to check on him, I could hear what sounded to be a porno. Low moans and that typical music.

I was hesitant at first but figured this would be my chance to make my move. Knowing my sister was such a prude, I could hold this over his head. I decided to sneak in and sit right next to him on his bed. Before he could say a word I had my hand around his cock that he was stroking so hard. I took his hand and placed it inside my shirt and onto my tit. It would be my best guess that both of our moans and shrieks of sheer delight woke his sister, my niece. I saw her standing and motioned her in.

Forbidden Family Fun – Brother Sister

Because she came right over to her favorite Auntie Envy. That motivated me and filled me with joy, because of pissing off my sister is what I like best. Then, I slipped my hand inside her panties and started touching her warm and already wet virgin cunt. They both take after me and simply wanted more. Because my sister is such a cunt, that always spoke down to me, this young family fuck time had me dripping wet. Besides, now I have taken her daughters virginity, her sons, and most importantly fucked her husband that made it even more taboo.

Therefore like any other incestuous young family fuck time together, that night reached its peak as I climbed onto my nephews face stuffing my cunt in his mouth. Because I knew she was a virgin I placed my niece on his cock, therefore, her cherry was popped by her own brother. That is the best way to get back at that bitch.

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