Confessions of Katina’s lust for her new Step-Son…

Katrina’s been a great friend of mine for years. She’s a 27-year-old fucking knockout, who has no idea. At 5’7″, long blonde hair, big tits and a juicy bubble butt, she is a pure goddess. Since I’ve known her, we’ve shared insane family life. Fucked the fuck up! haha Yet, surprisingly, we’ve lived through the taboo perversions fueled by drugs and alcohol. But do we ever become “normal” after such an erotic youth? Katrina met her knight and shining armor after the birth of her daughter. To point out, he had a son as well. The kids got along, as did Katrina and Bo, who soon asked her to marry him. She was fucking stoked to marry such a sexy, successful 6’4″ dark hair, beard and mustached man. With this in mind, we’d never have thought she’d turn into a young cheating wife.

To emphasize, Bo had the body of a male god, toned and hard as a rock.

Katrina informed me his cock was a fat 8″ beauty that made her cum like a sex fiend. He wined and dined her with impromptu trips to New York and Paris. He made Katrina feel like the Queen she is. Yet, my girl wasn’t used to living this way. He bought them a new 12,000 sf house, new cars and designer clothes. For the most part, my darling girl loved life. Considering the trailer park she’d come from, her life with Bo was different, better. However, when my friend met Bo’s son BJ, she had some concerns. Because of the fact that BJ was 12 years older than her young daughter Ashley, she didn’t trust him. Katrina had major trust issues, due to our childhood. There was absolutely no respect from Katrina to BJ. Therefore, never even contemplating being a young cheating wife with her stepson.

For this reason, BJ disrespected the hell out of her, jerking off with her dirty panties.

After catching him jerking off with her panties, she looked in her clean undy drawer. Noticing his jizz sprayed all over her lingerie she flipped the fuck out on him. Katrina confronted BJ, of course he denied everything. With a huge boner tenting his pants. Not only was she furious, but also turned on. The only thing she knew to do was to punish him by jerking off in her panties. She sat on her bed, watching him while laughing, calling him a little pantie bitch. He came immediately, filling her silky underwear with his young cock cream. My kinky bitch told BJ to suck up every drop of his cum out of her panties. That was his punishment for jerking all over her new lingerie. He complied to her punishment, not touching her shit for a while.

Bo proposed to Katrina within the first year of dating, of course she said yes.

The four of them seemed to be happy. BJ and Ashley got along well, mom had no more fears of a perverted teen fucking with her daughter. On the other hand, her erotic thoughts about BJ wouldn’t leave her head. While preparing for her wedding she hadn’t caught him beating his sexy cock off. That all changed the day of her wedding. Bo & Katrina were married in Hawaii with a few good friends and family. I noticed how BJ was watching Katrina while we helped her into the wedding dress of her dreams. To put it another way, he wanted to fuck her and she paid no fucking mind. She wasn’t a young cheating wife, didn’t desire to be until this particular day.

Young cheating wife on her wedding day.

Katrina and Bo were married on the beach at sunset. It was an incredibly beautiful wedding. My girl needed to change, so we went back to the house they rented. We walked into her bedroom, only to witness BJ jerking off with her panties. Haha, we laughed as she grabbed his dick, telling him “you’re lucky it’s my wedding day boy. If not, I’d put a hurting on your ass”. I thought, wow, that’s unusual for Katrina, letting him off so easy. Then I saw her grab his dick, kissing the tip, while tonguing the head and shaft. Mmmm, she moaned, “Son I think you and I will get along just fine”. We pulled her dress off, exposing a strapless black bra strapped around her busty tits.

BJ noticed her black panties and groaned while grabbing my friends pussy.

I watched him rub his fingers over her panties, poking at her holes. My girl grabbed his by the back of the head. Dragging him to the bed, pushing him down on his back. Oh hell, the sight of his young throbbing cock fully erect made my pussy pucker! Katrina pulled her panties off, stuck She grabbed BJ’s cock while straddling his waist. I heard his hard piece of meat slap against her wet pussy. This sexy bride handed me her phone, “take pictures baby, I’m about to be a young cheating wife…Mommy’s going to fuck you son.” Her gorgeous body pressed down on his, BJ moaned and groaned. Katrina taking control, screaming in ecstasy, yelling “cum in Mommy’s pussy boy, knock me up”. BJ lost his fucking load deep inside his new step mommy. And, it’s all on her phone, which she watches daily.

At the present time, she’s pregnant and doesn’t give two shits who the daddy is.


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