It started slow, an insidious thought worming its way into your mind. You liked seeing your tiny wife having to stand on her tippy toes to greet other men. It was a strange thought at first but you did your research. The images and videos that followed left you hungry for more. You worthless cuck, you know you can’t stop these thoughts.

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It became a near obsession. You sat there, your hand on your cock, precum dripping down your knuckles reading the testimonies of men and women. Women who described having the first satisfying sex of their lives as their bulls plowed into them, their husbands filming from the side, forbidden from touching themselves. Of men locked in chastity cages, watching as their wives do things for men that they would never have dreamed of.

It made your cock ache and throb in your hand as again, much like all the times you had sex with your beautiful wife you came prematurely. You worthless cuck; shoot your small load onto the floor beneath your desk as your average cock quickly shriveled to its less than impressive size. “I’m sorry.” You say but she’d already turned around and put off the light. You had a problem with being premature, and it had been getting worse in these last few months. Your wife – then-girlfriend – has always called your cock cute and “Perfect for her.”


It seemed that now as you lay back on your bed, her own cum growing cold on your stomach from a half-completed blowjob, perhaps you weren’t perfect anymore. “Oh Fuck, Harder! Please! Harder!” It was those images and thoughts that had placed you where you were now. Filming your beautiful wife getting plowed by a man that was three times your size. She’d struggled to fit her hand around his cock, looking shyly towards you as she tentatively jacked it off. It’s not cheating if she enjoys him THIS much.

You Worthless Cuck – Don’t Forget Your Place

She quickly forgot about you as she stuffed it down her throat, moaning as the man grinned back at you, laughing uproariously as he saw your tiny cock, flaccid and dripping cum. “It’s yours! This pussy belongs to you!” You had never heard her say things like this. It made you recoil at first but it also made an indescribable lust bubble it’s way up to your cock, making it twitch and throb again. You took out your camera and filmed her.

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Her back arched in pleasure. Her mouth hanging wide open as a long-drawn-out moan escapes from between her lips, pure ecstasy. “Bye, daddy.” She says and giggles as he leaves your apartment, her face still covered in his cum. She turns to face you and for a few moments, it’s as if she had forgotten you were there. You worthless cuck, of course, she forgot about you. She looks at you timidly and then down at your still hard cock. A sly smile grows over her face as she walks closer to you, the wet cum on her face sticks to your cheek as she speaks into your ear. “Judging by your cute little cock we should get him to come to visit again,” she says before leading you to your bedroom again, holding onto your cock like a tiny leash.

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