I know guys like you. You have your life all in order. You have the job, the family, maybe even kids. Life isn’t easy but you have it going pretty well. But there are things your girl doesn’t know. She doesn’t know those dirty little secrets in your head. How you fantasize about the girl you meet at the gas station, or at work.. How you wonder how she’d react if you got all your kinks out. Maybe you like dressing up in panties & lingerie. Maybe you like getting whipped, tied down and teased until you’re a sniffling, begging pile of horny mess.

I’ve always been the type to get what I want. No – really. If a guy catches my eye, and he happens to have a girlfriend.. Well, his girlfriend still can’t compare to me. They have to have something very special to keep me from getting my naughty little claws around his heart. 😉 Sometimes this means I’m the bad girl. but I think guys need someone like that. Haven’t you had fantasies about the wild, reckless girls you heard about in school? The kind to take their top off & get wasted on the weekends, sneak some vodka & orange juice into class and be sipping it in the back.. The “rumors” of them taking guys out under the bleachers in high school & having one HELL of a time!

I know what you need, and sometimes it isn’t all black and white. There’s grey areas. There’s taboo, kinks, & fantasies that you’re dying to try out.. maybe even some that you’re scared of trying in person. I take guys like you and I drive them crazy.. Sometimes you just need a little bad girl in your life, right? Keep your life in order, but dare to have fun. I’m feeling very crazy today..I think maybe a visit to the sex shop is in order 😉 So I’ll be telling you boys what I come back with soon.. but for now.. Just think about that. Are you following the rules everyone gave you? When was the last time you listened to the teenager in the back of your mind & did what you wanted?

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting