Nothing cums between those urges to play with my wet, pink snatch!  Not even leveling up in my favorite games.  All those gamer phone whores know what I am talking about!  Reaching the climatic moment in every when your XP is about to reach that limit ready to explode any second raising you to level 25, level 30, level 50, LEVEL 90 ooooooh yea!!!!!!  That’s a orgasm all its own right!!!

But what do you do when you are that crucial battle, hour long raids, time limited quests, those intense PVP’s its so close you can taste it and the desire comes to touch my fucking horny, wet pussy and have a mind blowing, pussy squirting orgasm.  I can’t put down the controller or take my fingers off the keyboard and my boyfriend is at work!!!

I ran into this problem so many times I can’t even count; but if I was playing on my console with a VIBRATING control that came in handy A LOT!!  Just a little FYI boys every true gamer whore like me has done it too, get those big hits and quickly pressing that controller to our clit mmmm FUCK YEA!  But it doesn’t last long and nothing ever vibrates on the computer.

So I got a little toy just for those special occasions 😉 I call it my 40-Man Raider.  I keep beside my computer and always PLUGGED IN!  There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a quest and just about to reach that level 90 orgasm and that favorite toy dies and the charger is in another room.

Pressing the power button pushing my favorite raider into the perfect position.  Tickling my swollen clit, grinding my chubby hips back and forth, pressing the buttons faster and faster….so close….so close.





Juices running down my thighs, creaming all over my 40-Man Raider….time to get that loot and give it a taste!

tumblr_nb27o2yEV21sqypibo6_400  Mmmm soooo fucking sweet