You’ve earned an extreme orgasm denial session tonight.

I noticed what was going on at dinner tonight. The waitress was very pretty, wasn’t she? Her breasts were outrageously large and you hardly blinked when she was taking our order. You’ve earned yourself a night of extreme orgasm denial as your punishment. I was absolutely enjoying the sight of the very sexy black stud that was sitting at the next table, but that’s beside the point. I am allowed to look and play all that I want. You, however, are not. You knew exactly what you were signing up for when you married me.

Every now and then you need a little reminder to keep your eyes to yourself. How dare you disrespect me in public like that? An extreme orgasm denial session should quickly get you back in line. Sit on the bed and get completely naked. Watch me as I do a slow, sensual strip tease right in front of you. My long lean legs, my firm round ass and my perky tits are driving you crazy. You can look but you aren’t allowed to touch. Not tonight and not anytime soon.

You can’t stop squirming. Now guess who will be touching me tonight?
Your mouth falls open in shock as the hot black stud from the restaurant strolls in. If his cock is anywhere near as large as the outline of his bulge suggests through those slacks, then this is going to be a great night-for me anyway! You know what a size queen I am and now you’re going to see with your own eyes up close and personal. By the way, you aren’t allowed to touch your dick. You’re naked right now, rock hard and throbbing, just as you deserve.

Watch closely as I slide his zipper down and rub that big juicy cock all over my face.

My tongue slides up and down and all around his delicious purple mushroom head. Watch my pouty lips open up nice and wide as I moan and take him deep into the back of my throat. Your cock has never stretched my mouth open like his does, because my jaw is aching already. His cock is dripping pre-cum onto my tongue. My pussy is so wet and ready for him. I’m on all fours and he’s sliding his big thick black cock deep inside of me. You’re just inches away from us as we fuck.

The moans of desperation coming out of your mouth are so amusing because it sucks to be you right now, doesn’t it? Just wait, there’s more to come tonight. Do you remember how you’re always begging to take my ass? Well, tonight I am craving some anal sex. Don’t get excited, I didn’t mean from you. Watch as he takes my ass, right in front of your face. That’s right, so eat your fucking heart out. Take a look at the face that he’s pounding me bareback because  I need to feel that hot load of cum shooting deep inside of me.

Let’s see just how many loads of cum I can work out of him with each of my holes, shall we? Extreme orgasm denial revenge is so very sweet,  especially when it involves delicious big black cock for a kinky cum slut like me!

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