Showing Off in My Yoga Pants

I love the time of the day where I can slip into my yoga pants, hit the gym, and show off my bubble butt! Any guy that is into ass worship loves when a sexy booty is squeezed into some yoga pants! I know I enjoy seeing the heads turn.  Especially love finding those dirty little butt sniffers that would give his left arm for the chance to smell my sexy ass.  I know my way around a butt sniffer!

I met a guy a few month ago who was absolutely obsessed with a nice ass in yoga pants.  He even admitted to me that the only reason he comes to the gym is to see all of us sexy girls.  It doesn’t hurt that he is also easy on the eyes so of course I had to have some fun with him.  I almost couldn’t wait to get him to my place and make him peel my yoga pants off with his teeth!  He could hardly wait either.

As soon as we walked through the door, his hands were already on my ass.

 He was squeezing my butt like a horny teenage boy.  We went up to my room and he gave me the best butt massage I have ever had.  He took his time squeezing, kneading, and caressing my ass right through my yoga pants.  By the time he slid them down, his cock was so hard it was almost painful to keep it in his pants.  Being the wonderful hostess I am, I allowed him to pull it out and rub it against my ass cheeks.

Next, he begged me to go deeper.  He rubber his face on my juicy ass, sniffing and licking.  The guy loved the smell of an ass fresh from the gym.  He told me it was his ultimate fantasy to lick every bead of sweat from my ass.  Then he buried his face between my butt cheeks and sniffed even deeper.  Pre cum was dripping off the head of his throbbing cock.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded.

 Finally, I let him play with his cock and my ass.  I didn’t let him fuck me, but I did let him slide his cock between my juicy cheeks and pump away.   He came so hard, his cum shot all the way up my back.

Who knew yoga pants could be such a big turn on!

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