Have you heard of the sensational hottie Bailey Jay?  If you haven’t, then hot damn, you don’t know what you are missing!

So the deal is, if you saw Bailey Jay walking down the street, you would immediately think: “STUNNER CHICK COMING AT ME!”  But wait, there’s more!  Has this girl has got a treat for you!  Yes boys and girls.  Bailey Jay is a chick with a dick.  And shit – does she wear it well!

Bailey Jay self identifies as a trans woman (check out her Wiki page).  She’s got a killer 34C rack, a waist that measures in at a mere 26 inches, and curvy hips are 36 inches.  You can check out her full website right here for more info and  plenty of material for my DJ playlist or your spank bank!

Bailey Jay is the perfect embodiment of a woman, just without the vagina.  Now she doesn’t have the largest cock I’ve ever seen, but hey, who needs that when you’ve got titties!?  Best of both worlds baby, am I right?

So I have this female friend who is pansexual (definition) and wants to see some stripper action, but can’t choose between male and female dancers.  I’m thinking, why choose when you can have it all!?  And boy does Bailey Jay have it all!

I have a list as long as my arm of things I would do to get her to do her thang in my presence, which is why I selfishly want to get in on helping my friend out.

I can see it now… Bailey Jay sashaying into the room tits first…  Candy striper outfit clinging to every luscious curve of her body… She bends and snaps while plucking at her sheer thigh highs, teasing her audience…Slipping one of them off her succulent legs and wrapping it around my neck, pulling me in towards her… bumping and grinding against me… and all the sudden, her gun is digging into my hip…

What a feeling, to have a bodacious pair of knockers in my face, and a special surprise down below stabbing my crotch. But hey, I can’t keep her all to myself, I’ll be sure to share and let her roam the room while I watch that eye candy glide around the room like my fingers gliding around my clit…

If you’ve got an open mind and get hot under the collar for sex on stems of gold, then look no farther than Bailey Jay.