Wrestling In Bed With The Hot Professional Wrestler From Vegas

“Wrestling is FAKE,” according to most. But, let me tell you, I have been to plenty of shows and seen LOTS of blood and real injuries. And I fucking love it. I can’t get enough of watching these shows!

My best guy friend owns a wrestling company out there and they have been doing their thing at a local casino. And I make sure to make it to every one of their shows! I love watching big, sweaty men toss each other about. And some of these guys… oh, let me tell you!

They’re sexy as fuck. One in particular, who shall remain nameless for his privacy, makes me weak in the knees. He’s hot as HELL and has an ass like Captain America. And he looks a bit like a superhero, honestly.

All the girls go crazy over this guy and even younger girls which can be hilarious to watch as they giggle when they talk to him. Anyway, he is absolutely sexy and I have had a thing for him for a year or so. But, I’ve always been with someone and so had he.

Well, last Saturday I got my chance to talk to him. I was so fucking nervous though because he is THAT hot, seriously. I was sweating and shaking and finally worked u the courage to say hi to him. Then I texted him from my friend’s phone and said: “Sorry for being so nervous.”

He responded with “Lol it’s all good.”

Then I watched the show with my friend. And afterward, we went backstage because I know the owner, haha. There I stood as my friend was a little social butterfly and floated around talking to everyone. And then he came up to me, I froze.

He said “You’re standing here… not talking… it’s making me nervous.” I laughed and said, “Sorry, I just get nervous around really cute guys.” He looked shocked when I said that but laughed and said it was all good.

He talked to me a bit about random things about the show and what I was wearing. I was wearing this cute black skirt with suspenders and pockets and he was like “Oh shit! Does your dress have pockets… AND suspenders?! I might need that… for… science!

His friend, who is also a wrestler, had walked up at that point and looked at both of us with confusion, shook his head, and walked away. Then he invited me and my friend to a little party thing at one of the other guys’ house. So, we followed my guy friend there and picked up some beer and Smirnoff Ice. As soon as we walked outside where all the guys were I grabbed a Smirnoff and drank as fast as I could.

I needed the courage because I was that nervous around the guy. He was already drunk when we got there and came up to me and was flirting. I flirted right back and got up the nerve to whisper “You’re fucking cute… wanna come home with me?”

He nodded like a bobblehead and smiled hugely.

My friend took us to my place and dropped us off and as soon as we walked in he started kissing me. And I just couldn’t stop myself but I had him naked in like 2 seconds as well as myself. We went on to my bedroom and he pushed me onto my bed. He jumped onto me and kissed me hard as he choked me. I smiled, because I have a choke fetish, and then I turned over so he could see my ass and that’s when he spanked me and started licking my ass.

I am very pleased knowing this guy loved ass. He then spat on my pussy and took his cock and slid it inside. I moaned as I felt the thickness of his cock fill me up. He felt so good and I wanted him to fuck me faster.

He then spanked my ass, stuck his thumb in my asshole, and started fucking me faster and harder. I was pleasantly surprised! And within minutes I was on the verge of cumming. He pulled my hair with his other hand and shoved his thumb inside even harder.

And there is when I knew I had to have him again. He made me squirt and then shortly after he came inside of me. He stayed the night but had to leave early the next morning. And I think I am going to just take a trip to Vegas just for that dick!

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