Choke Fetish: He Loves When I Almost Pass Out From Choking

Choke fetish sounds a little intense, I know. But, let me tell you what… it’s SO fucking hot. I love it when my man wants to get a grip on my neck and choke my ass out.

So, I have always been into choking. Ever since I was in high school but every guy just kind of squeezed the sides of my neck slightly because they were too scared or something. But, my new boyfriend gets in on it. He loves it as much as I do.

I told my new man about my choke fetish in the beginning when we were making out. He was kissing me and playing with my tits. I grabbed his wrist and moved it up higher and higher until he was at my neck. He looked at me and I bit my lip and spread his hand across my neck.

A little puzzled, because I don’t look like the kind of girl who is into that, he places his hand over my neck and slowly squeezes. I look up at him and smile as his grip gets tighter and tighter. He smiles at me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. And I cannot help but smile wider.

And that is the first time he choked me.

I love getting choked by him. He also puts his arm around my neck and squeezes that way and oh my god. I love the way it feels! It turns me on so much.

So, from then on my man chokes me every chance he gets. I cannot get enough of the feeling of him squeezing my neck! Every time he fucks me I have to make sure his hand is on my neck. It makes us both cum hard.

There have even been a few times where he has choked me in front of people. Like once we were getting drunk at a friend’s place and started kissing and he put his hand around my neck and started kissing me harder. Of course, people were looking and staring at us thinking that we’re crazy. But, I don’t even fucking care!

I love the way he makes me feel. Because not only is he a little rough during sex but he also treats me well and makes me feel precious. I love feeling like I’m someone’s special girl. And he sure can make me feel special!

There have even been a couple of times with my family and his! When he kisses me sometimes his hand travels up my body and finds its way to my neck and he chokes me lightly. It’s kind of hot and sweet. My sister was like “Whoaaaa,” when she saw it, haha!

But no one understands our love for choking. I love the way it feels and he loves the way it makes me feel and of course it turns him on. It also makes me remember who is the submissive and who is the dominant one. Which, you can take a guess who is who.

The choke fetish I have makes me feel like a good girl sometimes.

He’s always telling me I am a good girl when he chokes me and fingers me at the same time. And I absolutely melt when he says those two words to me. And I think about how hot it is to be told that. He makes me cum hard and even squirt sometimes just by fingering me and telling me I’m a good girl and choking me.

My man sure knows how to make me feel good! He’s even used his belt or t-shirt to choke me as we fucked. His belt is a lot of fun since he can ride me from the back like a horse. I love feeling his cock inside of me as he chokes me with his belt.

And I can be your choke fetish whore if you call me up. I will get you off by choking myself out a little just for you. I know you want it so what are you waiting for? Call me soon for a good time you can even buy sex toys from me while you’re at it! :p

Ready for a good time and some fetish phone sex? Call me!