Do you have a yoga pants fetish?

I find it so odd that you live right next door to me, yet I’ve never seen you as much as I have lately. I’m best friends with your wife and you always go golfing with my husband. You have a yoga pants fetish, don’t you? I’ve seen you looking out your window every time I head to and from my yoga class. You just so happen to be heading out every single time. It’s obviously a bit suspicious, don’t you think? I see the way that your eyes roam up and down my body.

Your eyes always seem to linger right on my yoga pants, of course. Is it the way that they cling to my firm round ass and my tight pussy? They don’t leave much to the imagination, do they? They’re so very comfortable as I’m moving through my poses, stretching and becoming more and more limber. I can do the splits and put my legs behind my head, would you like to see? Is it the soft feel of the cotton that really gets you going? I bet it’s all of it combined, isn’t it? Well, we’re all alone right now.

Why don’t you stop staring and invite me in for a bit? There’s no time like the present to indulge your yoga pants fetish, is there? Your cock is rock hard and pressing so hard against the front of your pants. It looks like it’s going to rip through any moment now. Lock the door, that way no one can interrupt our fun. Let’s go up to your bedroom. It’s hotter thinking about being in the room where you sleep next to your wife every night. Slide that zipper down while I slowly turn in front of you and bend over.

Look at the way these sexy snug yoga pants cling to my ass and my pussy.

The wetter I get, the more they cling against my pussy lips. You’re aching to come and rub that hard-on against my ass, aren’t you? I know that’s obviously a huge part of your yoga pants fetish. You’re practically drooling and it’s written all over your face. Come closer while I lean forward on your bed. Slide that hard cock up and down the crack of my ass right against these soft yoga cotton pants. There’s so much pre-cum leaking out of your dick that I can feel the wetness even through my yoga pants.

Feel me press back against you and squeeze your dick with my tight ass cheeks. You like that don’t you? I’m going to jerk you off with my ass cheeks and the soft cotton of my yoga pants stroking up and down. I’ll start off slowly then build up the pace as you grip my hips and thrust in and out between them. From the way you’re pounding up against them, you just might have to buy me a new pair by the time we’re done.

Do you want to rip a hole in my yoga pants, baby? Go for it, then slide that dick in my pussy from behind. Admire the view of my hot, tight ass encased in these yoga pants. See, I knew I was right. You have got a major yoga pants fetish. Pound that dick in nice and deep, right over the bed that you lay in with your wife every night. It makes it so much hotter thinking about it that way doesn’t it? It’s definitely got my tight kinky cougar pussy dripping wet. I can guess where you want to blow your hot sticky load of cum.

Do you want to cum all over my hot yoga pants covered ass?

Not quite yet though. Make me squirt all over your big dick before you blow your load. Feel my tight pussy clenching and squeezing around your cock as I drench you with my sweet pussy juices. Feel my juices dripping all the way down to your balls. I’m pretty sure that some hit the sheets too. I wonder if your wife will smell my scent as she slips into bed tonight?

You’re swelling up so much. I can feel that heavy load of cum built up in your balls. Are you ready to explode? Beg me to let you cum all over my yoga pants. Go ahead, do it. Blast that huge hot load of cum all over my yoga pants covered ass. Make sure to drain every last drop from those balls, I want it all.


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