Are you a worthless loser?

You must be a worthless loser if the title of this blog caught your attention. You must be a pathetic little prick who gets off on a beautiful woman (such as myself) hating limp dick nobodies like you. Why do you seek my attention? Why do you need me to remind you how fucking annoying and disgusting you are?

You get a pathetic thrill that makes you feel less dead inside when I remind you of that pain. It makes you feel something, doesn’t it? Your life is meaningless and it feels empty without that verbal abuse.

Not to mention, you are sniveling idiot who doesn’t stand a chance with a woman like me, so you’ve taught yourself to settle for my disdain. You’ve eroticized being hated by beautiful women to the point that it has become a fetish… you poor, simple little man. Instead of becoming a worth while person, you go deeper into your failure and found a way to enjoy it. UGH!

Good attention or bad attention, you don’t seem to care. Just like a toddler who wants his fucking mommy to look at him, you act out and you don’t care if it pisses me off… as long as I look at you.

You know I wouldn’t be talking to you unless you paid me, right? You know that I could give a flying fuck about you or what happens to you or what you do with your pathetic life. Right? You could die and I wouldn’t care. I might miss your money, but for the most part I would be better off without you sneaking around and stroking your fucking dick to my voice.

Call me for some verbal abuse, worthless loser. You fucking deserve it. Or check out more Hot Sex Stories!


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