Worship Roxy’s Ass

It’s those few sayings I say to you that make you horny; worship Roxy’s ass is just one. Take a peek at some of my pictures. Most of them have Foxy Roxy showing it off. Why do you ask? Because there is nothing hotter than a sexy ass like mine. It’s the perfect weapon to use against all you ass loving men.

Whether it’s forced ass action or more of a seductive role play, I know just how to pleasure you. It all starts with a tease! A pair of tight jeans, slowly slipping them down over those curves. A tiny pair of sexy panties to keep on, while I let you rub oil all over each perfectly round cheek. And then I will decide whether I’m going to make you beg, or just give it up to you.

Are you ready for it? Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when I straddle over your body, my ass just inches from your lips? Holding your arms down with my legs makes it almost impossible for you to stretch your neck up enough to taste me. I have to admit, I do love looking between my legs and watching you struggle. And darlin there won’t be any pussy until my ass is well taken care of.

Sniff it, lick it, fuck it, just worship it!

Don’t be shy! And while I’m doing my naughty face sitting dance across your face, I might just reach down and stroke your throbbing cock. Don’t try and deny that it doesn’t turn you on to munch on that sweet little starfish of mine. Go a little crazy and use your nose, tongue, and fingers to work me into a frenzy! If you work me over good enough you’ll get to experience the ultimate prize. A sexy squirt from my pretty pink box!

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