Worship My Perfect Ass: Have you seen my ass? When I tell you to worship my perfect ass, that is for your benefit. I am perfection all wrapped up in one stunning woman. Small waist, round hips, and an ass that would make the Kardashians take a second glance. At least mine is all-natural, and not a bit of enhancement. My flesh flawless, this ass was the kind that you see on pornstars and nude models. I have always loved my curvy ass and perfect thighs.
Magnificent and round, nothing gets me off harder than when a man buries his face between my cheeks and devours my asshole. When he treats it as though it was his last meal. Licks of his tongue on my tiny starfish-shaped entrance, can he get his tongue stretched any farther inside of me? The Dominatrix inside of me will always push the limits and force you to take every inch of what I am offering. Tonight, my need for anal sex with only the use of a tongue is what’s on the plate.


Worship My Perfect Ass: You know you want to.

Men have a purpose in my world. It’s to make sure that I get everything I want from them. Maybe that makes me a bitch, but I wear the crown proudly. Are you ready to worship my ass? Is your mouth dribbling saliva from the anticipation of how I will taste? Your tongue, as well as your dick, is erect and ready to penetrate my little opening. Anal sex has always been a pleasure of mine, and now, you will find out just how deep you can go. Let’s make one of our own Erotic Sex Stories.
How do you prefer? Bent over the bed, laying flat with me sitting on your face, or a stool on the floor. I keep a little stool in the bathroom for all my dirty needs. When I need a mouth to devour all my essences. After the use of the toilet, I never will take care of my basic needs. A man’s place is in the bathroom. Cleaning up any mess left behind. I’m sure you understand what that entails.


Worship my perfect ass with only your tongue.

Place yourself on the floor, arms to the side, legs straight out. Facesitting is all part of how you worship my ass. Squatting over your face, watch as I lower my sexy ass down inches away from your nose. Inhale deep. Smell my asshole before you dine on my crevice. If you’re lucky, you might get a toot of air-kissing your lips. I have been known to fart in a man’s face. Don’t even think of touching my pussy. All you’re good for today is worshipping my asshole.
Anilingus or the oral sex of the asshole is a pleasure to both the giver and the receiver. Wiggle that oral muscle inside of my tight asshole, french kissing till the tiny hole opens.  Like the lips, the seal will break to allow penetration inside of the filthy walls. The nerve ending tingling, it is one of the most intense and underused erogenous zones. Little drops of moisture collect in the divot when the pussy becomes aroused from stimulation.


Worship My Perfect Ass: You can taste all my pussy juices that have dripped down.

Positions for anal oral sex range from doggy style, sixty-nine, missionary, face sitting, to the rusty trombone. That is the act where the man or woman stands to masturbate while the ass is devoured by the mouth. There are so many different ways to worship my ass till I cum hard. All of them causing intense pleasure by one or both partners.
Felching or the art of eating one’s ass after anal sex is used for both pleasure and punishment. My asshole pushing a huge stained cum donation into your mouth is different from the typical cream pie. Along with the cream, there is residue from the asshole being consumed along with it. Is this dirty? Of course, it is. I love when my brown hole is eaten until there are no contents left. When you ask to worship my ass be prepared to worship the inside as well as the outside.
Come here my pet. My backside is ready to give you the pleasure of cleaning it. A tongue is a perfect collector and my ass is dirty and in need of a tongue lashing by a dirty little fucker.


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