You have been looking for me for so long, and now, here we are. I am beyond excited to finally be your Goddess. Today is the beginning of a fantastic relationship. Together we will be delving into my World Domination FinDom. You are a big part of my future, and I appreciate you so much. Be advised; you are not my only pay pig.

You need to understand I need many men in my stable. It is simple statistics, nothing personal little bitch. The more you bow down to worship me and provide the lifestyle I desire, the fewer men I need in my corrals. That being said, let’s get started with building MY wealth piggy. What tributes are you presenting your mistress today?

To start achieving World Domination Findom, you must start bringing me the gold, bitch!

Therefore, show me what you have brought me! Oh, very nice, I am loving that jewelry. What a good beta you are for your Goddess. As a human ATM, you will provide all that I request, without hesitation. Consequently, you will need to set up accounts for me at your bank. Providing access to a steady flow of money and other financial items gives me the freedom to live my life of leisure. You must never hide your resources from me.

Complete honesty is our building block in the new relationship we have. Furthermore, I expect you to participate in the onboarding of my new money pigs. Showing them the ropes so that they transition smoothly is important to our timeline. Well, my timeline right, but now you are on it. This is an exciting time piggy. Our experiences will be a fantastic addition to my forte as a hot phone sex operator.

My bright future is opening up, and I am sailing into it!

Now, it is essential to know that my domination is sensual, so more about kinder domination. Domination is many different things. For me, it is exciting, intoxicating, and turns me on like nothing else. I am using some interesting tools with my domination. For instance, pantyhose are a big part of our time together. Feel free to get busy learning about the sensuality of stockings. Start here, little piggy, Pantyhose Domination Stories will be very informative.

Feel like having some fun, me too! Let’s get naughty for a while, shall we? Thank you for my tribute. I am beyond happy with this start. Go on, start undressing my little beta. As your alpha, I am going to watch every move you are making. If I am unhappy with how you are doing something, I will let you know. Very nice, I like that you are going slowly, almost sensually. You are a quick study pay pig.



Keep impressing me, and you will always be my favorite!

My, my, my not only are you wealthy, but you also have a very lovely body as well. Mmmmm, I am loving that hard chest. Come over to me so I can feel those strong muscles. Wait, are you walking to me? No, beta, crawl to your Goddess. I see we have so much training to do before we can even bring in others for you to onboard. Good God, you are so green and naive.

Maybe that is good for me. Everything I am training you is fresh and all you will know. That will make things much easier from the start. I don’t have to worry that you were a sub to other Doms or that their training will be conflicting mine. Okay, crawl, little bitch! Just because I am explaining something to you does not mean you can stop my last command activity.

You need to sharpen your skills at being intuitive as well and quickly.

For this, to work, we are developing a synergy of sorts. You will become in tune with my requests quickly and smoothly. When you don’t, there will be punishment, and when you do, there will be rewarded. As I said earlier, my punishment style is a FemDom tease and denial with sensual domination. Using my stockings around your hard cock and NOT letting you cum for days. That is why my world domination FinDom will take off like fire.

Men that have faced too much cruelty desiring a kinder way of domination. Hot and sensual and full of sex! Oh, that chest is incredible. Come on, get those pants off; I want to see what kind of tool you are working with. Damn, that isn’t bad at all! What a fantastic start you are for world domination FinDom!