Work Place Affair begins as a simple interview but is soon your ultimate pleasure.

A Work Place Affair needs a bit of delicacy so you don’t become office gossip right away. Something like this takes a man who’s ready to step up and deliver what is needed. So let’s see what you got. When you arrive you are greeted by several beautiful leggy women in tight short skirts and work shirts unbuttoned one button too low to look professional. What kind of sexy service office have you walked into? Your cock is very excited to be here with you. Imagine working here every day around all these beauties. How would you get any work done at all, and what kind of work would you actually be doing? Without another man in sight your mind wonders. You’re going to beg for this job.

Resume in hand and a lump in your throat you ask the receptionist where you can find Miss Nicole’s office. After you are turned around in the right direction and you proceed forward. My office is flawless and spacious. You see me working at my desk, long smooth legs crossed where you can practically see my entire thigh. Harder and harder to focus on why you’re actually here, to get a job. You stand in my doorway and clear your throat to get my attention. With Role Play Phone Sex racing through your mind, you say hello and introduce yourself. I have been expecting you and I call in my assistant to help me out with your interview process.  Like me, she is a brunette bombshell and at this present moment, you are one lucky potential hire.

My lovely assistant takes a seat in front of my desk as I gesture to you to do the same.

As you sit, your eyes travel up the skirt of the Goddess sitting next to you, which doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it leads me to my first interview question. I ask, “Are you able to take direction from a boss who loves being in a position of Domination power”? Clearing your throat again you nervously answer, “Yes”. This is very good news to me, and now it’s time to really put you to the test. I order you to drop your resume and get down to your knees. I want you to show me your skillset on my assistant’s legs to start.

Lick her from the top of her slender foot all the way to her toned smooth thighs. You’ll see what makes this office so special. Once you get to her creamy little slit this threesome labeled as an interview is fully underway. Lots of licks until this Work Place Affair echoes the moans your tongue creates. Show off your work ethic and performance-based skills to earn your place here. A paradise is at your fingertips and all you have to do is make women cum. Keep the laps rolling while I instruct you further. I know what all my girls like and love so listen close.

Sliding two fingers into her until they glide with ease begins the next level of this interview.

The next stage is adding the third finger to our routine. This simple transition will show me if you are a man who has the patience office work like this requires. Pussy pleasure is something we value deeply here because we are powerful pussy holders. The truth is the work is its own reward when you dive in tongue first. I could see a man like you advancing to say, senior pleasure developer in no time. Demonstrating your commitment to climbing the company desk legs. You will be properly trained and have passed your Work Place Affair probation period before visiting me. I’ll take you up to my office alone where you and I will evaluate your abilities here. At that point, you will assist me when day or night. Who knows, I might just call on you.

The time will come when I will want you often to service my needs. I will have a little desk set up right outside of my office. You will wait for me to call and then you will come running to me. I won’t wait for a little tongue slave when I want pleasure.

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