Sexy Gothic Girl shows the bookstore owner an unexpectedly great time.

Being considered a Sexy Gothic Girl is amusing to the dark mind. Most people assume my clothing is a costume. For me, it is a simple attraction of a twist on Victorian fashion made slutty, if you will. The lace tightly wrapped around my neck makes me struggle for air at times. My outfits feel like I am gently being strangled. A girl always looks like her curves could kill when she is bound in a corset. Straps pulled so tight that your ribs can’t shift in the slightest. My body looks incredibly feminine in a corset!

My tattered skirt drives men crazy when I pull it up to my tiny waist. The black garters underneath tease their senses for more. Where there are fasteners, there are almost always stockings to rub one’s cock on. Wearing boots, heels, or Mary Jane’s makes to toe to this look complete. You can’t go wrong with any of these Foot Fetish choices. I use make up that is still very glamorous because I apply it heavy where needed. My color selection can be dark, but I know that drives you wild too.

Just today I was taking a walk through the art district in downtown Los Angeles. I came upon a bookstore I had never seen before because I had never walked this specific block. It was a delightful surprise because I adore old books, and am always on the hunt for good first editions. My eyes were wide with excitement. The owner welcomed me — a tall man with a swimmer’s body. Built and cut like every girl likes but not bulky enough to scare us away, lol.

This man stood behind the counter eye-fucking me while I glanced through his stock.

It was easy to see he wanted to fuck this little Sexy Gothic Girl who just walked into his shop. Starting up a little flirty chit-chat over music, film, and of course books, I was able to let him know I was interested. He walked to the front of the shop and locked the door. Approaching closer to me by the second I had butterflies racing in my tight stomach. I wanted to throw caution to the wind and fuck his brains out right here.

Wrapping my arms around his neck as he pressed up against me we kissed. That kiss was electric, and I felt it zap through my entire body. In an instant, I was soaking wet in my black lace-stitched-up panties. When he pulled back, he said he could smell my delicious scent and needed a taste of me. I could have died right there. He got down on his knees and lifted my skirt so he could lick my drenched pussy right away. It felt so good as he pulled my panties over to the side.

So much more happened. Maybe this will need to continue when you call me.

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