Cyber sex is even more discreet than phone sex… making it the perfect way to take a break at work.

It is the perfect remedy for a scattered mind, preoccupied with the thought of my big tits pressed against your body. You can’t think until you satisfy that urge, but how will you get away with it while at work? The answer is cyber sex, quietly stroking your cock under your desk while we dirty talk each other to climax.

Have you heard of cyber sex? It is defined as “sexual arousal using computer technology, specifically exchanging messages with another person via the internet.” You might think, this sounds like a waste of company time but some studies have shown that taking a masturbation break can improve productivity in the work place: not only are you able to better focus after blowing a hot load, but it will relieve the stress that we all know is easily induced by the responsibilities of our job.

Cyber sex is a hot form of foreplay. Especially for all you guys out there who love to be edged and teased. You know that I am on the other end, playing with my pussy, getting my panties wet, licking my fingers clean so that I can type to you. Feeding you every detail, instructing you on how to stroke for me and commanding you to blow that piping hot load.

Nothing gets my pussy throbbing like dirty talk, but public sex and masturbation just takes it to the next level. It is SO NAUGHTY to jerk off at work. Are you an exhibitionist too? Does the risk of getting caught make your dick drip? The fun doesn’t have to stop once you get to work!

You can have your cake and eat it too, it’s right here baby. Let me spread my legs so you can get a taste…


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