Wolf Woods a great night jogging place or so I thought….

Wolf Howls at night, in the cold night as I jog in the dark woods near my house….

The beast jumped into the corner of my sight just as I slipped on the dirt path in the woods.  I fell down a gully and sprang my ankle the wolf was nowhere in sight. To my dazed head, this translated to the wolf having left, and I started to crawl frantically, trying to get out of there before it got back. Of course, it was still there and just reached out one of its claws hooking me by the collar of my jacket. The thing dragged me back towards it, ripping my jacket in the process, hooking again on the hem of my jogging pants and tearing those off me as well.

Before I knew what was happening I had another claw under me, pulling my ass into the air as my face rested in the dirt. I could feel the wolf spreading my cheeks, the cool air tickling my hot pussy, and with a deep, paralyzingly loud howl it entered me.

At first, I just laid there, too shocked to do anything. It’s a strange feeling, being pinned down to the ground by a huge wolf cock. And it was huge. Nine inches at least of smooth marbled meat thrust into me over and over again.

“Ow! Fuck! Get the fuck off of me you piece of shit! O-ow fu-u-fuck!” I kept saying, weaker and weaker with each utterance of protest.

It got less and less painful as the dick lubed itself with me. The feeling of being stretched to breaking, of filling up to bursting continued. It was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t do anything but position myself to make it as least disrupting as possible.

Finally, with a loud growl, he thrust himself into me deep with his wolf cock and came in me deep and hard…..

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