What girl hasn’t fantasized about a good ol’ wolf fuck, BEFORE Halloween?  Well, I surely have!  And mine came from a most uneXXXpected place!  I was staying late at my high school and saw a friend was also staying late.  We were sitting around chatting and, he told me that he’d had a crush on me since we were kids.  I was feeling him too, especially the bulge in his pants!  Wow, he’d really grown up!

The windows were open and I’d just commented on how beautiful the fall evening air was; when Matt started saying how seXXXy I looked.  Before I could turn, I heard him say in a low growl, “Sooooooo Sssssssssexy!  His voice made my heartbeat pick up speed, but I’d be lying if I said, my pussy didn’t tighten at that ggggrrrrroooowwllll! Damn, that was hot!

I turned in time to see his eyes glowing.  He was still Matt, but he was something more.  Something animalistic was growing inside him.  He’d CUMpleted the change and grabbed me by my tit!  His claws were digging into my flesh and a gush of wetness coated my pussy lips, and he instantly SMELLED me.

His eyes said, “Don’t fuck with me!”, so I didn’t.  I lay back and let him plunge into my tiny, young pussy. And it was MORE than I ever thought I’d be getting from staying late at school.  He washed my pussy from the inside out, then he licked every part of me clean.  His tongue was masterful.

The day after our “encounter” I saw Matt in the hallways.  He was carefully avoiding me, but I didn’t know why. Then, as evening came, I CUMpletely understood!


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