My Husbands Boss came over to talk him

How my wives sex story began. My husband was worried for days about an upcoming meeting with his boss. Jax was a large strong powerful black man. Kind of man that takes control of the room. He agreed to come to our house for the meeting. Already had Set up for my husband’s friend to call him. Robert would have to leave. My husband leaves the room and I get real close to Jax. I whisper what can I do to save Richard’s job.

Saving his job

As I put my hand on his dick which was visible through his jeans. He doesn’t say anything as I’m opening his pants. I pull out what could very well be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I start stroking it I get on my knees in front of him. Trying to get it in my mouth. I keep eye contact with him the entire time.


Jax got his cock nice and wet

I slide my cunt down on him. Slowly take it in me. Stretching me every inch of the way. Riding his BBC stretching every inch of my cunt. Feeling that hurt of being worked out. Thinking to myself am I doing this for me or my husband? I have to admit this was giving me a lot of pleasure I never had with Richard’s cock. Jax puts his big hands on my ass and lowers and raises me off his huge dick. As I start to orgasm. Jax lets himself all the way in. I almost blacked out from the pleasure.

Wives sex stories 1

Richard’s Guilty pleasure

The entire time I’m riding this BBC Richard has been watching. I noticed he has a wet spot from cumming in his pants. Jax gets undressed and hands Richard his clothes. And says wash you’re wife’s juices off my pants. Jax proceeds to take me to the bedroom. As Richard lays be back on the bed to take my other holes Richard said this work well didn’t it Jax. Richard and Jax had planned this out the whole time. He was never going to lose his job. I was mad. How could I  ever stop fucking this BBC now?

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