Witch’s Sexual Awakening: Tasting Each Other Under the Moon

Most people don’t know a witch’s spiritual awakening and witch’s sexual awakening happen together. For most this seems young, but women of Wiccan descent seem to mature a bit faster than the rest of the world. Some would even say their lives are tallied by the number of sexual encounters they experience.

Wiccan women come from a secretive line, looking for only peace and pleasure.

This is where young  Jasmine has found herself, caught between a world of magik and reality. Knowing only that she can feel her blood running hot through her veins. The butterflies flutter in her stomach and tingle from her cunt all the way to her tight little asshole. It was on this cool morning, dew filling the air Jasmine finally decided to get better acquainted with her own body.

As Jasmine stood in front of the old dusty mirror in the washroom, she dropped her shaw to the ground.

Jasmine then lifted the beautiful woven shirt up and away from her budding breasts. Soon her hard nipples would show and she would need something a little more concealing and form-fitting, a corset perhaps. But for now, her neck shown in the sun, covered in gold necklaces and chains. She liked this look, it was very feminine and powerful. As she stood there, Jasmine imagined all the naughty things this old mirror had seen in its life. In a sudden instance, Jasmine felt beautifully inspired and alive.

Could it finally be this young witch’s sexual awakening?

Jasmine untied the skirt cinched at her waist and watched it slowly fall to the floor. There she was, long wavey hair draped over her breasts, gold chains filling the gaps. Carefully she removed her chains and began to rub her sensitive nipples.  Jasmine let out a quiet squeak as she pinched the tip of one, and then the other. That was a new feeling for Jasmine, pain equaling pleasure. She had never heard of such a thing, but she knew she liked it.

Aroused for the first time, she slowly slid her hand down towards her soaking wet cunt.

Just then she heard her best friend Ariana call from the other room. This witch’s sexual awakening was going to have to wait. It was time for their studies. Wiccan women don’t attend the same schools if they don’t have to, they prefer more open teachings. After class Jasmine and Ariana snuck into the forest behind the small town. This had been their world for as long as the friends could remember. For the first time as the girls walked, it was silent.

As they came upon their favorite treehouse, Ariana finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. “What’s on your mind?”

Jasmine’s heart raced and she could feel her blood run hot through her veins again. The same butterflies in her stomach, and tingling in her tight little pussy. Jasmine even felt a little wet start to form between her tight little lips. Frozen in time as if a spell was cast over only her, she stuttered. Words didn’t seem like they could explain what Jasmine wanted to feel.

Jasmine turned towards Ariana and ran her fingers down Ariana’s face. It was gentle and kind.

Something in the air changed then and the girls embraced each other’s lips. Jasmine’s tongue explored every inch of Ariana’s mouth. Her tongue swirled around tasting every last bit. The girls paused only long enough to get a fire started. As they worked, again not much was said between the two. The moon would fill the sky soon and as it did the air changed once again.

The girls became almost animal like as they began on each other’s bodies, seeming to learn every crease and crevice by heart.

Jasmine wanted more, so she began to thrust her fingers inside Ariana’s tight and dripping wet pussy. A loud moan sliced through the soft forest sounds, and the forest became alive. As the girls pleasured each other farther and farther into the night, the soft beat of a drum began. As Ariana devoured Jasmine’s cunt, the wind began to swirl and a wolf began to howl. This was it, the witch’s sexual awakening the girls had heard their friends talk about.

The fire whistled in beat with the drum, and the girls moaning sounded like chants.

Jasmine and Ariana took hold of each other, fingers thrusting into deeper and deeper places. The girls screamed out in pleasure, pain, and ecstasy. The fire exploded like fireworks and visions of their primal instincts filled the air. Then it went silent. The girls gently kissed each other still shaking in a euphoric haze.

Jasmine and Ariana held each other’s bodies tight throughout the night, thanking the full moon for allowing such an inspirational awakening.

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