A Young Witch & Her Fantasy Sex Stories

These are the fantasy sex stories you love to jerk off to.

I was a young witch destined to lead my coven and I had the grimoire to help me become the most powerful. I had a little problem, I longed for human cock. Plus haunting their minds and making them do as I say gave me a certain tingly. It also always reassured me that I am superior to humans and that; well that is something that just excites me altogether.

I met Kevin at a coffee shop. I had actually been spying on him for quite some time. He was exquisitely ordinary. Just what I needed to quench my thirst for human cock. I know my looks alone would have guaranteed him in my bed but it’s the control mixed with pleasure that gets me off. Approaching him was the easy part and all I needed to do was to whisper an incantation. Once I did, I left him and I knew from that point on all he was going to think of was me. That same night, drunk on his lust for me he was in my bed.

Humans are weak. Kevin was just like any other. As he was sitting on a chair right in front of my bed I extracted every filthy thought, memory, and desire. Learning his every last secret. Of course, that wasn’t going to be his last encounter with my craft but I enjoyed it like no other because it was our first. All night long I kept him in a trance. Keeping his cock hard just for me. Cumming over and over on it while I looked at him straight in the eyes and controlled his body. Once I’ve had enough I let him cum inside me.

The next morning Kevin woke up in his bed thinking everything was nothing but a dream. Still thirsty for me as he will always be.

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