After Too Much Wine, I Love A Good Face Fuck

After a brief meeting at the bar, I agreed to let him take me to his room. I very adamantly told him that I don’t fuck on first dates. With the taste of wine still soaking into my throat, we stumbled through the doorway after he had swiped his key-card. We staggered across the luxurious plush taupe carpet as we giggled. Little did I know a good face fuck was in our plans.

He pushed me against the wall, exposing my shoulders as he unbuttoned my blouse. The open window allowed a war, tropical breeze to filter through a gap in the curtains, and whisper pleasantly against my skin as he began to slide my top down my shoulders, gently beginning to massage my breasts with the palms of his hands. I bit my lip suggestively as he leaned in to bite my neck. He began to hover his hands above my panties.

I very strictly reminded him; no sex.

Instead, I assumed his position of power, turning my body swiftly so that I could push him firmly into the surface of the wall. As I began to lift his plain cotton shirt over his head, I gasped in pleasant surprise at how well toned his body was. I began to slide my hands down over his abdomen, and watched him as he stared intently at my mouth. Immediately, I knew what he wanted. I dropped to my knees, providing him an alternative to my pussy. I began to wrap my mouth tightly over the shaft of his cock, watching him as he squirmed in delight.

I began to pulse my head back and forth, flicking my tongue over his erect member. He placed his hand on the back of my head, guiding the thrusts of my neck as I breathed pleasure into the nerves of his body via the tender skin of his dick. After a while, though, it began to become apparent that this would be less of a blow-job, and more of a face fuck. He gripped me tightly and began to thrust his hips, plunging his cock into the roof of my mouth.

I gagged lightly every time it pounded against my throat.

I could feel his member become lubricated with my saliva as he repeatedly slammed it in and out of my locked lips, causing me to salivate uncontrollably as it felt like my cheeks were about to explode. He pulled himself out of me. This allowed me to gasp desperately for air, before he once again gagged me with his erection. This time though, he held me still as he began to ooze cum, my mouth becoming a spunky swamp as he groaned heavily in pleasure. Once he had finished erupting, he pulled out of my mouth, leaving his sticky white liquid dribbling down my cheeks.

I collapsed into a breathless pile on the floor, welcoming the feeling of pure air pumping back into my lungs before I swallowed the remainder of his cum. It left a spicy after-taste burning into the back of my throat.

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