Had I become so obsessed with my taboo fantasy of being taken by force it was playing out in a very realistic, delicious dream?

My clit began to throb as I felt fingertips twisting my nipples.  I arched my back and moaned. Suddenly and all at once I smelled whiskey and cologne.  I felt hands around my wrists, and I felt teeth digging into one of my now hardened nubs.  Although I didn’t open my eyes, I was now wide awake.  I was being taken by force, and this wasn’t a dream.

They felt me stiffen and, knowing I was no longer asleep, everything stopped.  I didn’t recognize my own voice as I asked quietly “What do you want?” He replied, “It’s quite simple Tara.  In a matter of minutes, we are going to force our cocks inside you.  Then, for the next several hours, we are all going to cum over and over.  When we finally leave you alone?  Not a single night will pass you won’t leave a door or window unlocked in hopes we return to again force you to accept the pleasure only we can give you.”

I listened carefully, and with each word, the voice became more familiar to me.

My clit resumed throbbing. I felt my pussy begin to drip down the crack of my ass onto my sheets.  I force myself to remain straight-faced. Then I begin panting with excitement and need as I’m blindfolded.  As my hands were bound together, I felt two fingers pause on my inner wrist.  He brought my cuffed hands to his lips, ran his tongue across my pulse, and said, “Tara, relax your breathing baby.  It’s going to be a long night and we don’t want you to hyperventilate before we slide our shafts into you.”

Having heard this voice daily for over 15 years, any lingering fear disappeared.  He didn’t release my hands and, as I felt him move toward my legs and I eagerly opened them wide.  I felt a hand move behind my head, turning it to the side.

As if carefully orchestrated, I felt both cocks running across, sinking into, and claiming their own pair of my lips.

For hours, they both fucked and made love to me, never leaving the hole they originally claimed, and only pausing long enough to slide ice cubes into my mouth or pussy.  As the light began to peek through the blindfold, I could no longer fight off the exhaustion from the orgasms that wracked my body over and over.

Well into the afternoon I woke up, still blindfolded, hands no longer bound.  My hair, face, neck, and breasts were coated with dry cum.  The sheets under my ass were soaked. My pussy still slowly expelling the multiple loads deposited deep inside.  Instead of running to the shower, I smiled and clenched my thighs together, hoping my “stranger’s” seed would flourish inside me.

Although I had no idea how to explain (to my husband) Jim’s knowledge of my fantasy of force, I decided Jim was going to be getting a very large tip on my next visit to the country club.  The only thing that worried me was, as I lay there aching and saturated with cum, I knew I’d want them again.  Would they allow it?  Or will I need to share my taboo fantasy of being force fucked with complete strangers?

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