Holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Of course, my family and I love our naughty get-together fun at the events. My wildest GILF New Year’s will be with friends though.

Normally, I choose to bring the new year in with friends and neighbors. That way, I am sharing my kinky fun with others. My lovely friend, Amelia is hosting her dirty party this year.

And, when I say dirty, that doesn’t even begin to cover the level of kink we are going to have. She is as naughty and wild as I am and we make sure everyone is adventuring into new territory at her parties.

Making it the wildest GILF New Year’s for all attending!

She and I stock up the liquor so we have what all the guests will be requesting. Then, we have a couple of bartenders to make even the hardest drink requests.

Her fuck buddy has a hook-up for additional party supplies so those who want to get wilder have that option. Then, we go out and buy tons of fun sex toys of all kinds for the guests to play with.

I am telling you, wildest GILF New Year’s rocks for everyone. The toys are still in the packaging for folks to choose from. That way, the directions are still with the toys so they know how to use them.

No one is leaving this party without having some kind of fun.

This is when this naughty GILF next door shines. All the neighbors that have been wanting to play with me get the chance at this party. Of course, here everyone gets a pass from their partners.

Yep, it is common knowledge if you attend Amelia’s shindig, you are open to swinging. So, our wildest GILF New Year’s is the chance to play together for those that have been craving another friend in our group.

And, there are more than you think. Most folks are secretly kinky people. They just hide in for fear of judgment. This party is providing them an avenue to see if their kink is real or just a fantasy.

Yep, our wildest GILF New Year’s opens that door for their kink to come out and play!

Of course, it is a thrill and turn-on to see who lets their guard down at the party. Sometimes, I am shocked to see a guy I’ve known for years finally get down on his knees and suck that dick he has been craving.

Oh, and that gets this dirty whore’s pussy so wet. I love watching two guys playing together and joining in with them. And, if the wife gets in on the fun, I am going to eat that pussy.

Making it the wildest GILF New Year’s for them for sure. Additionally, adding to my fun too. Especially, if she has never been with a woman. I love being the first lady to give her a climax.

That means she will be knocking at my door when hubby is away!

She gets turned on watching him play with that dick. So, she starts sucking him. I get down and spread her legs. As I start licking that pussy, she moans like never before.

Chances are she is going to squirt for the first time as I run my tongue around her clit, and slide my fingers in her pussy and ass. It is our wildest GILF New Year’s and it is awesome!

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