The Driver Wanted Some Wild Smoking Sex


I was at the bar last night and was a bit tipsy I had to call an Uber to come get me. I was looking so cute with a short black dress and heels on. No one knew I wasn’t wearing panties, but the Uber driver would soon. The driver wanted some wild smoking sex. As soon as he got there I was already ready to play with him.

See, when I am a bit tipsy I get horny as fuck. Didn’t help when the Uber driver showed up and was fine as hell. He had brown hair and was only wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. To me, that was completely sexy when a guy dressed like this. As he got there and pulled up to me he asked if I was Maddie and needed the ride. After that, I then got into the front seat.

I didn’t like to sit in the back seat I liked to flirt and tease the Uber drivers. He then asked for my address where I wanted to go. Quickly, I then gave it to him and we started off to my destination. As he drove he started to flirt and tell me that I was so cute. I just giggled and said you just don’t know how cute I am. Looking at me for a second he laughed and said Do you mind if I smoke? I blurted out smoke what? That made his eyebrow lift and he said a cigarette.

I Then Asked If He Cared If I Smoked With Him

After that, he grabbed for one placed it up to his mouth, and lit that cig. As he was beginning to smoke it, I then wanted to be bad and tease him. I couldn’t help it; I just wanted that wild smoking sex. Every time I saw a guy smoking it just made me want him. I then grabbed for my purse and pulled out a jay. I then asked if he cared if I smoked with him. There we were smoking in this Uber.

I took a couple of puffs and then handed him the jay. Without hesitation, he grabbed it and took some hits with me. We were going to get messed up together and have some wild smoking sex. This Uber driver was getting lit off my jay. As he blew out some smoke I then leaned over to get into his smoke he blew out.

As soon as that happened the car then stopped in the woods about 30 minutes till I got home. Why we were stopping now? I had no clue what was about to happen. He then pushed his seat back and said how about we just sit here and smoke. Why not? I then grabbed for that jay. Gently I pressed it up against my lips and took a hit in. Holding it in I then turned to him and blew that smoke in his face. I let out all my breath as he said that was hot Maddie!

This Wild Smoking Sex Was About To Get Erotic

Why not make it even hotter? I then took a deep hit leaned into his stud and began to kiss him. We started making out deeply and passionately. As we kissed I then pushed my hit into his mouth. We then started to French kiss. Twirling our tongues against each other. The more we kissed the more I was getting turned on. This wild-smoking sex was about to get erotic.

We then pushed away from each other to take another hit. He then pulled that jay to his lips and took another hit. He then held it while grabbing the back of my head and pushed me to his lips. We then started to make out again. He was doing what I just did. This stranger was making me so horny. Honestly, I was already tipsy and am now feeling so good. He then nibbled on my bottom lip and then started to blow his hit into my mouth. I watched as his smoke oozed right into my mouth.

Not being able to resist myself. Gently, I then got right on his lap where my ass was touching the driving wheel. I then took 3 deep hits and help it while I started to slow grind on his cock. Swaying my hips right into him humping his lap. That was turning him on so much he was starting to get stiffy. Ready for this wild smoking sex I then grabbed at his cock and pulled it right out of his jeans. I would be a cum filled teen soon.

He Would Blow Deep In This Tight Pussy From This Wild Smoking Sex

After that, I then handed this stud the jay as I humped his lap gliding his cock back and forth against my wet clit. It was turning us both on so much. I then leaned back and pushed his cock into my tight pussy. He felt amazing sliding his cock in. He was rock hard and his cock was twitching as soon as he was in me.

The Uber driver then took another deep breath of smoke and then started to press his lips against my lips. We started making out while his dick was in me deep. He would blow deep in this tight pussy from this wild smoking sex.

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