I find it fulfilling volunteering at the women’s prison in my town. Everyone deserves a second chance and I feel good going in to help out. Therefore, I spend quite a bit of time there. Furthermore, the inmates are pretty decent to us. Of course, some are bad to the bone. Loud, flirty, and ready for wild lesbian prison sex.

Oh, yes, they zone in on me when I am there. This one group of girls are always in the area I am helping. Being gorgeous, I am used to people flirting and wanting time with me. Men and women both. It is a compliment to my beauty and I eat it up. Often, I find some of my best playmates this way.

However, Wild Lesbian Prison Sex isn’t on my radar for something to do.

First and foremost, I think it is illegal. Second, a relationship with an inmate doesn’t seem like a smart move. Of course, I could be wrong. A few of the men partaking in my Forced Bukkake Gangbang were former inmates. And, these bad boys are fun and rock my world.

We aren’t hanging out on a regular basis but they are definitely some of my favorite fuck buddies. Furthermore, a few of them are regulars, calling me for MILF Phone Sex. They can’t get enough of this nympho MILF. Additionally, they get me off so I love playing with them.

Of course, that is different than people still locked up. I am always blowing the girls off in a polite manner. Not sure if they see it that way, but that is on them. I am hoping my time out there today is smoother.

Another day helping out at the prison.

The woman I work under when volunteering is ill. She isn’t able to come today and I am going by myself. Today I am running the library for the inmates. It is usually slow during the middle of the week so I will be okay on my own. I get there and get set up for the ladies. At first, it is busy but then it slows down.

I go back to the little area that has our coffee to get me a cup. Out of the corner of my eye, I see one of the girls in the group that flirts. I let her know I am coming to help. Imagine my shock when I get out there to help them and the library door is shut and locked.

Oh, shit, this isn’t good! The entire group is here. They are ready to play with this sexy diva with some wild lesbian prison sex. I am trying to explain it isn’t okay but the big one grabs me. They are holding my hands as they use a homemade knife to take off my clothes.

I am definitely not getting out of this situation easily.

Once I am naked, the girls put me on the floor. A couple of them will watch the door as the others play with me. Their leader, Nina, gets between my legs and starts caressing me. And, it feels so good. She runs her hand up my legs to my pussy. I feel her spreading my cunt lips and then her mouth on me. It is exquisite and I start moaning.

“See,” she says, “You are going to have lots of fun with us.” At this point, I don’t have a choice and the fun begins. What a crazy day we have together. Curious to know how it went and how it ended? Call me now to find out!

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