I have been letting Kevin enjoy more freedom and even put that dick of his inside me. Sadly, he can only hold his cum for a few minutes. We are still having our wild GILF cucking fun too.

It is too much fun seeing him enjoying the guests we have over for our playtime. Of course, sometimes, it is for our pleasure and his torture. Especially, if my friend Karen is coming over to play.

She truly loves seeing Kevin suffer under her hand. Some teasing and torture are fun. Now, it is time to let him go for past mistakes. Mostly. Honestly, I think he likes some torture too.

He cums so hard during our wild GILF cucking sessions.

Especially, if we make him cum with cock. It doesn’t matter if it is a real cock or a strapon. A shemale dick or a dick attached to a sexy BBC. He will get all excited and blow his load.

Of course, he protests and says, no, but he still cums like a fire hydrant. For me, it is too much fun seeing this man shoot a huge load as he is trying so hard to say he isn’t enjoying it.

It adds to the pleasure of the wild GILF cucking sessions. And, we have so many different types of playtimes. We even have my family over to truly humiliate him.

What a thrill it is to see Kevin blushing from head to toe as my brother-in-law gets hard watching everything!

They’ve known each other for so long. Additionally, I wonder if the brother-in-law knew of Kevin’s cheating history. Of course, now he gets to see Kevin’s paying a price.

And, I am reaping the rewards with the wild GILF cucking sessions. Well, I guess everyone participating is reaping rewards. Heck, with my husband loaning fun, even my friend is benefitting.

She is never one to come to our lady’s “book club.” For her, using him alone in her house is more fun. And, no fun for Kevin because she makes him wear a sheath.

Unlike the wild GILF cucking, there is only a cock cage part of the time.

And, lately, we have done away with the cage. Now, the game is making him last without the cage. Hahaha. Hearing Kevin whimper as he is getting so excited during our fun.

Depending on who our guests are is be a big factor in him struggling more during the play. For instance, he adores our friend Rochelle who is a shemale. She sends him over the edge.

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Then, she can penetrate him at the same time.

Of course, if I am feeling kind, he and I can do a sixty-nine while she is fucking him. Alternatively, if we have other guests, like Sissy Bill, we put him and Kevin in compromising situations and laugh at them as they cum.

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