I Had Wild Crazy Sex, With A Stranger! Case Of Mistaken Identity.

I had wild crazy sex, with a stranger, thinking he was my husband. It was our anniversary and hubby and I decided to go to our favorite hotel to celebrate. We began our evening as we always have for the past 5 years, in the hot tub in our favorite room, engaging in some seriously wild crazy sex. The kind of sex that sends water all over the place! Hot and steamy crazy in love sex…..the kind that makes your toes curl!

Shortly after our sexual extravaganza, hubby and I showered together and got ourselves ready for our dinner and dancing date. It had become our tradition to visit the fancy restaurant down stairs to have dinner and slow dance on the patio. As always, got ready a little bit fast than he did and I headed down to reserve our table, while I waited for him to finish.

While down there, I kept getting hit on by all these men and frankly I simply wasn’t interested.

I mean after all I wasn’t there for them, I was waiting for my husband to join me and I made that fact crystal clear. I was becoming increasingly irritated as these guys kept approaching me and finally a Good Samaritan stepped in and stood up for me. He sat next to me and told me not to worry that he was there only to act as a deterrent, as he couldn’t help but notice how frustrated I was becoming from the whole ordeal. Impressed by his actions and lack of ulterior motives, I decided to buy my new hero a shot.

At first he was hesitant and was worried that my husband would be upset and I assured him that on the contrary, my husband would be rather thankful that he stepped in to help me. Satisfied with my response, my new hero accepted my offer and the shots began.

A little while later, just as planned hubby came to join me and I quickly explained the situation, as to why this other gentleman was sitting next to me. Just as predicted, my husband shook his hand and thanked him for being there to help.

Needless to say, hubby and I continued on our date as usual.

We finished our meal and made plans to continue on with our sexual escapade back upstairs. I instructed hubby to go on ahead and that I’d be there shortly, as I wanted to find my hero to thank him one last time…….but he was nowhere to be found!! Or was he??? This fantasy belongs to us, join me for wild, crazy PhoneSex!