I absolutely love to celebrate my birthday!


My Birthday is my favorite time to have lots of kinky fun and host a wild birthday bash. That means we are having hot sexy fun all night long. This party is full of hot men and women and we all love playing with each other. Therefore, we are making sure there is lots of alcohol and plenty of toys for everyone. My friend and I have all the rooms set up for those who want to go off and be alone. For me, I want to be in a pile of people playing together. Nothing turns me on more than the feeling of hands all over my body.

I love a good orgy. All those bodies writhing and grinding together. Mmmmm…just discussing it right now is getting my pretty little pussy so wet. Imagine how moist it will be at the actual event. I will be dripping juices for all my guests.

Of course, I will also be full of cum loads at my wild birthday bash!

By the same token, so will all the other female guests. We will have lots of cream pies available for those who crave them. Consequently, I hang out with lots of guys that love to eat cream pies. I am sure that isn’t surprising if you have been visiting my site or we have been chatting.

You must know by now that I am a dirty girl that loves to have hot fun. Especially, the nasty kind with lots of other kinky people like me. And, a naughty party with tons of unadulterated sex is the best way for me to celebrate another year on this awesome planet. The event won’t be attended by a lot of people. Only about twenty or so select guests are invited. That is the perfect number for my wild birthday bash. Some can go off on their own and the rest of us can pile into a sweaty orgy. There is something so sexy about all those bodies together.

All of us working to please each other at the same time.

Of course, we also love using toys during our orgies. Some of us girls love strap-ons and using them on each other and the guys. I am dominant and taking charge of my lovers is a turn-on. It is empowering to be able to fuck others. Plus, I love watching their faces as they are cumming for me. Men and women alike. It is fun to put a man on his back and fuck him like a bitch. Making him my little playmate. Along with that fun, I enjoy watching men with each other too.

And, that is the fun of a real orgy. Everyone is playing with everyone. Additionally, we get each other off again and again at my wild birthday bash. Talk about tons of climaxes. I lose count at an orgy of how many times I cum. It is a perfect way to spend my birthday. I also enjoy going down on women. It is tasty to do a sixty-nine with another woman during our orgy and have the guys fucking us at the same time. That is one hell of an orgasm for all of us. I am sucking on her clit and playing with her little rosebud asshole as that dick is sliding in and out.

Then, I can feel her tensing up and know she is ready to cum for me.

Additionally, the guy can cum inside her, slide-out and cum on my face, or get creative with his load. Honestly, that is the thrill of an orgy. We can change up and adapt our play constantly. And, of course, everyone is cumming tons. Maybe that is why I love hosting a wild birthday bash each year. It is the best way for my close friends and me to get really kinky together. Imagine the fun for those with the kinky foot fetish stuff. They are hitting the jackpot at our events!

Since it is my birthday, call me to celebrate together!

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