Wild bachelorette party

What do you get when you have a phone sex operator as a bridesmaid? A wild bachelorette party.

Ann is a Submissive Little in her mid-twenties. She is marrying Allen a 55 years old Dom. Since he has a very established household they need nothing a normal engagement present, bridal shower or wedding gift.

We decided on a combination party of all those on Friday at 6 p.m. for Ann. We would have a stay home lingerie party where we did spa treatments on each other and drink and enjoy each other.

As a matter of fact, Allen gave Ann permission to have sex with anyone at the party. But, what do you give to a kinky couple that has fetishes and they need nothing? Well lol us girls decided that we should give them gifts of the adult variety.

The plan was that we ladies (7 bisexuals, 1 lesbian, and 1 straight but open) would all come to the bachelorette party with 3 gifts. It was up to each of us to decide whether BDSM, adult toy, or lingerie or any combination.

Personally, knowing this couple adult toy box and BDSM supplies as well as I do, I brought a dozen mix and match lingerie pieces. So, they could happily tear up on their honeymoon.

AND 3 men I know as well as 2 of my nieces that are strippers.

They all came to be eye candy and strip for us.

The 3 men: Ronnie 49 yrs old, 5’10 yet still stocky build with a yummy 13-inch cock all vein and torpedo-shaped with the widest part right behind the head with a very nice girth. Long wheat-colored curly hair brown eyes.

Michael 47 yrs old and Ronnie’s younger brother with identical cocks, 6’5 thin but wiry muscles. Short gray hair and blue eyes.

And CJ an 18 yr old boy Ronnie’s family took in a couple of years ago with a very nice 9-inch cock with a thicker than average girth.

Then there are my bisexual stripper nieces.

Wild bachelorette party
Wild bachelorette party

Diz and Leann; Diz is 19 yrs old, 36 CC, 26-inch waist, 36 hips is 5’9 has blonde hair, blue eyes with a ready smile like Julia Roberts. She is always ready for anything sensual, or classy. She is a bit kinky and has serious lingerie and shoe fetish. With a bit of a Domme in her. She loves controlling men.

Leann is 19 as well and inherited a lot of the Greek look form her mom. 38 DD, 26-inch waist, and lord love that booty. Her hip size is 34 but it looks like someone cut a ball in half and god made it her ass. 5’4 inches of pure energy. LONG almost black spiral curls, big brown puppy eyes, and bright pink lips in a perfect bow. She is a Submissive little girl and ALWAYS mischief.

Sounds like fun huh? 11 ladies total and 3 men to sexually harass and maybe more. LOL, the problem (well not really) is that ALL the ladies decided to bring at least one guy as eye candy and strip as a surprise. So, we wound up with a total of 17 guys by the time it ended.

Not counting the food delivery people lol. It turned into an all-out orgy and it went a lot longer than expected. LOL, but when the groom showed up Saturday evening well lol it did not end there. Just changed from being focused on Ann to Allen.

LOL So what do you get with a phone sex operator as your brides’ maid? A wild bachelorette party, that turns to an orgy for her… then the best orgy bachelor party a man could imagine. Each of which I cannot wait to tell you all about in exquisite detail.

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Wild bachelorette party
Wild bachelorette party

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