My husband and I have an amazing marriage. Amazing because we work together to keep it strong. Even though he can’t satisfy me, he lets me play and I stay with him. He also lets me use my wifey tease and denial on him.

You see, it is obvious to us that he is never going to satisfy me. That is why he is the ultimate cuckold husband for me. We are happy together and strive to make our marriage work, even with our issues.

My husband is a financial genius and loves having a trophy wife like me on his arm. It is worth any price to keep me happy. That is why I get to have all the Badass BBC Cuckold Play I want.

Turns out my husband enjoys it too, and that is why I now use wifey tease and denial on him.

We started adding in cock training for him. In other words, he was only getting to cum with cocks. At first, he is sucking them to get them ready for me and service them.

As we are getting more into the cuckold lifestyle, I decide he will start taking those dicks in his tight man-pussy. Interestingly enough, the hubby isn’t putting up a fight.

That is because he is enjoying that dick. Little mother fucker is finding a way to enjoy the cuckold life and the dick I am bringing home. And, that is why I am using wifey tease and denial on him.

So, I am going to torture and deny him that as well as my pussy.

Bam, baby, how do you like that?! Of course, he doesn’t. I bring in a cock cage and lock his little pecker up for our cuckold sessions. He is not happy he is unable to cum with those big dicks.

Next, when I do let him out of the cage, I won’t let him fluff the guys. He is only allowed to watch and not touch. My pussy is getting all that fine cock not him. Of course, that is driving him crazy mad.

And, I am loving wifey tease and denial. Additionally, all he has to do is admit his love of dick and most of the torture will stop. Not all of it because it is too much fucking fun.

However, I love him and want him to have some fun too.

Although, if his pride is in the way and he can’t say, “I love cock,” he will continue to go through this ordeal during our sessions. Insane, right?! He can get all the climaxes he wants with one statement to his wife.

Of course, I have the will of an old mule. He knows this. His Cheating Wife can make his life a living hell. On the other hand, I can also make it a life of pleasure and multiple climaxes.

What will he choose? I am pretty sure he is over his wifey tease and denial. We have a session this evening and I am taking his cage off. I am waiting with anticipation to see which way he goes. Call me to find out!