Wife Sex Stories

Wife Sex Stories A Day In My Life Full Of Kinky Taboo Fun. Every day when I wake up, I smile in the mirror and say it’s going to be another hot and naughty day. I slip out of my big comfy bed with only a pair of panties on. Walking over to my french doors that open up to the balcony, a naughty grin spreads across his face. Why you wonder? Because Roxy knows who’s waiting to catch a peek of my hot tan body.

I get asked a lot if my wife sex stories are true or not. All I have to say is, I’ve got pictures to prove it! A naughty neighbor I am in every sense of the word. Whether it’s the older neighbor across the street that gets the tease and denial treatment or my hot married neighbor next door who gets special fuck time attention this woman gets to do it all. And even the boy that’s about to graduate has gotten some sex education classes from the naughty housewife.

When I think back to all the crazy sex stories that have gone on, one sticks out in my mind the most. Burning desire isn’t even a strong enough word to describe how turned on he made me. All I wanted him to do was rip my clothes off and run his tongue over every inch of my body, teasing me in a way only he knew how. I bet you are wondering who it was, and how he knew me so well aren’t you. Shall I share my dirty secret? Should I let it out for all the world to know?

Once upon a time, he was just my brother in law, but now he’s my side lover I always want.

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