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Wife sex stories, True sex stories of a cheating wife. I have a friend who has been married for about 10 years and their sex life has become a little dull according to her. Naturally, when a woman doesn’t get what she needs she goes and finds it elsewhere and gets the attention her pussy has been craving. My friend starts by telling me about how they met at the park where her kids play. I guess he is a married stay at home dad and his needs have been neglected by his spouse too. So they started texting.

So, of course, you know how women gossip, she told me how it all started with them having Phone sex and sending each other nude photos, but after a while it just wasn’t enough they had been longing for physical contact for so long that they decided they were going to have a playdate of their own.

They waited until their significant others left the house and then they met at a hotel under false names.

I guess it was more fun for her because they acted as if they were married but the lie was the turn on for them both. She went to the hotel wearing a large Overcoat. Underneath that she had on a black and hot pink corset that crisscrossed all the way down her spine. A garter belt and black thigh highs because she knew he has a stocking fetish. Also a pair of black strappy heels.

She got to the hotel room first she said the room was nice but it did not matter her hear was in her throat she hadn’t been that excited to have sex in years. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation.  She got on the bed and laid there waiting for him. In my mind, I was thinking this is one of the hottest wife sex stories I have ever heard.

The door to their room opens, Her hot date had finally arrived. Seeing her laying on the bed in that outfit made his cock stiffen immediately. He jumped on the bed so that he was on top of her finally able to kiss her sweet lips and take her body with his.

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