Wife sex stories- when your husband wants you to fuck another man

Wife sex stories. My friend is married to a hot woman. He is totally happy with their relationship. He wanted to make that clear to me as he told me his story.

“I just always had this suspicion and also a fantasy that my wife was fucking someone else when we were dating.” He started to tell me. He told me how she would come over and really aggressively suck his dick. She also protested when he tried to eat her out. Did she just fuck another guy? he wondered.

Finally years later, he asked her about those early days. She finally confessed that she would often come straight from the other guy’s place. She felt guilty so she would try to please him more than usual. And yes, that one time, her pussy was full of the other guy’s cum.

My friend admitted to his wife how turned on that made him. So it was on. His dirty wife told him a few more stories of when she would fuck guys behind his back and my friend continued to get off while she confessed.

After the story, they would fuck harder than ever before!

Now, he is telling me what they are considering as the next step. He first suggested that if she wanted to, she can fuck someone again. His first suggestion was that maybe he could watch, but she thinks if she actually did it she should probably fuck on her own. My friend says he will be so turned on just knowing his hot wife is fucking someone else- he won’t need to even be there.

Maybe the next time he will be sitting in the corner jerking off to a guy pounding his wife.

Do you fantasize about your wife getting fucked by someone else?

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